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Yuma ring


During the Large-Scale Invasion, his house was destroyed by a Trion Warrior.

Introduction ArcEdit

Kodera hides in buildings near Yumite District Station in order to provide support to Miwa Unit by sniping Yūma should try to jump into the air.[1] He is talked out of it by Jin.[2]

Black Trigger Capture ArcEdit

He and Yoneya have been observing Yūma's habits (though he does all the work).[3] During the battle, he provides support by sniping Jin, though all of his attacks fail because of the latter's foresight.

Large-Scale Invasion ArcEdit

During Midorikawa's about Yoneya's words to him following his loss against Yūma, he remembers Yoneya quoting Kodera about manipulation. He repeats the line to Lamvanein. Later Kodera makes an actual appearance, along with Narasaka and Tōma, supports Izumi from long-ranged against Hairein and successfully hit him through the spaces between Alektor's conjured birds. Mira later interrupted them by summoning Rabbits to attack them.

After the battle Usami tells Osamu that the three got Excellent Distinguished Services award from Border.

B-Rank Rank Battles ArcEdit

He is among the group of Snipers sent to deal with the wave of Idras.