Is that all you've got?

Ai Kitora to an Ilgar, in Ai Kitora 2.

Affixed Mode[1]

Shield (Anchor Mode)

Ai Shield

Kanji 固定モード
Rōmaji Kotei Mōdo
Organization BrDr Border
Type White trion Normal (Mode)
Classification Defense Defense
- Increases Shield's durability
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 8
Anime Episode 4

Affixed Mode (固定(こてい)モード Kotei Mōdo?) is a mode that increases Shield's durability when it remains fixed in place.[2]


As a configuration of Shield, it has no set appearance. When Kitora used it, she shaped her Shield like a prism.[3]


It is unknown if this mode was part of Shield since its inception.


Affixed Mode enhances the durability of Shield, in return for the user not being able to move it from its original position.[2] Kitora, who seems to have a particularly fragile Shield,[4] used it to protect herself from the localized explosions of an Ilgar,[3] proving it is a good way to enlarge Shield's surface area without weakening it too much.


See also: Shield users

The only confirmed user of this mode is Ai Kitora,[2] but all Shield users (and thus all Border official agents) are capable of using it.


  • The barriers generated by the Shield seal of Yūma's Black Trigger are similarly more resistant if they remain fixed in place.[5]



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