As the captain of A-Rank No. 2 Unit, Fuyushima must be a very skilled individual; even more so considering the unit is comprised only of him and Isami Tōma. As a Trapper, he is capable of providing support to multiple allies while remaining out of sight. He is considered an excellent strategist.[1] It is safe to assume that, as a former engineer, he is more knowledgeable about trion and Triggers than most Border agents. It seems that he is affected by motion sickness, which after an away expedition is so severe it prevents him from being involved in other missions for a time.

Triggers Edit

Shinji Fuyushima's Triggers
Type: White trion Normal Switchbox
Fuyushima anime
Classification: Switchbox icon Trapper
Fuyushima is presumably very skilled with this Trigger, since, in spite of counting only two active fighters, his unit is ranked second in class A. It creates traps of various effects, both for attack and support. It can also be combined with the Headquarters 's trion to create more powerful traps.[2] It is necessary to place marks where the user wants to activate a trap. A location may have multiple traps. They can be activated at will and changed to another type.

Spring Blade: When a target triggers this trap, a blade will spring up from the ground, piercing the target. So far it has been used only in conjunction with the trion supplied by Border's HQ.

Short Warp: A trap to help fellow allies, where one has to simply press the marking and will be transported to another location.


Trion Attack Defense/Support Mobility Skill Range Command Special Tactics Total
Border Briefing File[3] 8 4 10 3 8 4 5 10 52