Fuyushima joined Border during its debut.[1] He originally was an Engineer when he enlisted, but he was recruited by Maki and formed Fuyushima Unit with her and Tōma.


Black Trigger Retrieval ArcEdit

When Jin asked how he was, Tōma replies that he had sea-sickness.[2]

Large-Scale Invasion ArcEdit

Fuyushima worked with Kinuta to set traps in the Danger Zone, in preparation for the Large-Scale Invasion.[3] He later assists the A-Class agents in battling Hairein and Mira.[citation needed]

B-Rank Rank Battles ArcEdit

Fuyushima is seen at the meeting regarding the forecasted invasion. When Azuma suggests using Amō, he is confused until Azuma explains that he wanted Amō's Side Effect. Later, during the invasion, he supports Kazama and other agents outside. When the battle is over, he says that they should consider it a victory, but just in case, he has teleportation available to defend the city.