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This article is about Chapter 92. For other the character, see Shiori Usami.

Shiori Usami (()()() (しおり) Usami Shiori ?) is Chapter 92 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short Summary[]

Tamakoma Second converses with other personnel after their battle.

Long Summary[]

Yoneya, Kodera, and Kuroe leave the audience room after the match, but not before greeting Arashiyama Unit, with Kuroe being rather cold towards Kitora. It is revealed that Kitora feels hurt when someone younger does not seem like they look up to her. Yoneya, Kodera, and the newly joined Midorikawa greet Osamu and Yūma. Midorikawa challenges Yūma to 30 Rank Battles and they runoff. Usami appears with Chika, complementing Kodera's explanation, revealing his infatuation for her. Kikuchihara and Utagawa come along and greet Usami, and Yoneya explains that she was their former operator. Kikuchihara explains that Kazama thought the strategy to use Suwa Unit was clever, but that it wouldn't work a second time. Kikuchihara also warns Osamu that if Yūma were ever to go down, they would never make it past B-Rank. Osamu asks Yoneya about the situation with Miwa and the Fūjin. Yoneya responds that since the Fūjin had too-specialized attacks and was inflexible, so he explained to Kido that Fūjin should not be given to a single agent, but should be used tactically with any compatible and worthy personnel. Yoneya adds that Jin would be giving lessons on it, and Osamu suspects that he had a reason for it, to which Yoneya agrees.

Meanwhile, Kizaki discusses the Rank Battle with Usami. He expresses concern over the fact that Osamu and Yūma were being overprotective of Chika and that would lead to her downfall in expeditions. Usami explains Chika's feelings of self-worthlessness and how Osamu and Yūma wanted to eliminate them, and that she would do the same.

Yūma and Midorikawa return from their Rank Battle, with Yūma having won 21 times out of 30. Arafune appears and strangles Midorikawa for blurting out that he had always expected him to lose. Arafune challenges Midorikawa to a Rank Battle, but before that, the No. 4 Attacker Kō Murakami appears, with it being revealed that Murakami was the reason Arafune quit being an Attacker.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

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