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A Shooter can manipulate bullet properties at will. Power, range, speed. You can adjust these three parameters in every attack. You can scatter small shrapnel or fire one big blast. The drawback is all that manipulation takes time, and you have to account for accuracy as well. You need good instincts to be effective.

Kyōsuke Karasuma about Shooters, in Osamu Mikumo 5.[1]

A Shooter (射手(シューター) Shūtā?, lit. shooter) is a Border agent who specializes in the use of Gunner Triggers without relying on a firearm.


The Shooter position is one of the 9 official positions available to Border agents, one of the 7 directly involved in combat, and one of the 4 a trainee achieves immediately after reaching B-rank.[2] Those official agents who have scored the most points (at least 4000)[3] with a Gunner Trigger without a firearm out of all the Triggers in their set, and who have less than 6000 points with any Attacker Trigger, are classified as Shooters.[4] C-ranks trainees wielding Gunner Triggers without a firearm are not considered Shooters, since they are not official agents.[5]


Much like Gunners, Shooters specialize in middle-range combat, with an emphasis on controlling the enemy's position.[6] Due to to the effectiveness of Shield, Shooters are mostly relegated to support roles, assisting allies from afar and regulating the flow of the battle.[7] Since they must also be able to take into account factors such as the goals of both teams, the conditions of the battlefield and the location of allies, frequently on the spot, Shooters are considered intellectual fighters,[8] even more so than Gunners: their Triggers are in fact more complex, and although this makes them more versatile, it also makes them more difficult to master.[1] Nonetheless, they can become quite dangerous when they use Full Attack,[9] and since they do not need their limbs to fight, they remain a threat even if their Trion Body is mutilated.[10]

Shooters fire bullets without summoning weapons, but by creating constructs, known as Trion cubes,[11] which they can then divide into multiple parts or shoot whole: the more bullets are fired, the lower their individual power. Furthermore, Shooters can modify the parameter ratio of their bullets on the fly,[1] as well as scatter and delay the shots to an extent. These additional abilities give them an advantage over Gunners at shorter distances,[12] although the number of operations a Shooter must perform before firing compared to a Gunner can potentially tip the scales back in the latter's favor.[13]

The four bullet types available to Shooters are Asteroid, Hound, Meteor and Viper,[14] which they can combine in real time to create composite bullets.[15] The amount of trion the user possesses determines the overall power and size of the trion cube, which is always at its biggest when summoned.[16] Since Shooters need to expend a lot of trion to be effective in combat, many of them have abundant trion reserves.[2]

Solo Points[]

Since points fluctuate constantly, most of the following scores are likely to be obsolete.

List of Shooters[]

Currently, there are 10 known Shooters in Border,[2] corresponding to the Shooters who participate in rank wars.

The following Shooters are listed by their Squad's ranking at the end of the most recent season of Rank Wars. When known, their individual ranking in the Shooter class is reported under their name.

Izumi ep 78 profile.png KakoUniformCandidAnime.png NinoAnime.png Osamu ep 92 profile.png
Kōhei Izumi
Tachikawa Squad
Nozomi Kako
Kako Squad
Masataka Ninomiya
Ninomiya Squad
Osamu Mikumo
Tamakoma Second
MizukamiAnime.png KurauchiAnime.png NasuEp75.png Mamiya Anime.png
Satoshi Mizukami
Ikoma Squad
Kazuki Kurauchi
Ōji Squad
Rei Nasu
Nasu Squad
Keizō Mamiya
Mamiya Squad
Koinuma Anime.png Hata Anime.png
Mitsuya Koinuma
Mamiya Squad
Minoru Hata
Mamiya Squad


  • Shooters are occasionally considered a sub-class of Gunners,[25] despite having been created first.[26]
  • Despite utilizing a Gunner Trigger without a firearm, Teruteru Kōda and Fumifumi Saotome are not considered Shooters due to their being trainees.[27]


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