Border's Side Effect Types

Border's Side Effect Ranking

A Side Effect (副作用(サイドエフェクト) Saido Efekuto?) is an ability manifested in certain individuals with high trion levels. This ability usually takes form as enhanced physical abilities or extrasensory abilities.

Border organizes Side Effects into four types:

S - Extrasensory Perception (超感覚 Chō Kankaku)
A - Superhuman Ability (超技能 Chō Ginō)
B - Special Anatomy (特殊体質 Tokushū Taishitsu)
C - Enhanced Senses (強化五感 Kyōka Gokan)

Side Effect HoldersEdit

Side effect

Jin's Side Effect

  • Yūichi Jin: Seeing a little of the future of those before him.
  • Yūma Kuga: Seeing through the lies of others.
  • Chika Amatori: Sensing approaching enemies and hiding her trion signature.
  • Yōtarō Rindō: Communicating with animals.
  • Shirō Kikuchihara: Enhanced hearing (強化聴覚 Kyōka Chōkaku)
  • Kō Murakami: Enhanced stabilization and consolidation of memory during sleep (強化睡眠記憶 Kyōka Suimin Kioku)
  • Masato Kageura: Receiving emotion aimed at him from other people (感情受信体質 Kanjou Jushin Taishitsu)
  • Tsukihiko Amō: Viewing others' fighting ability as colors.
  • Yomi: Perfect Parallel Processing (完全並列同時思考 Kanzen Heiretsu Dōji Shikō), which allows him to multi-task at maximum efficiency. 
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