The Spotter (スポッター Spottā?)[1] position is one of the 9 official positions available to Border agents, one of the 7 directly involved in combat, and one of the 3 a C-Rank trainee seemingly cannot work towards.[2] The requirements to be classified as a Spotter are unknown, but Asumi Amakura, the only known Spotter, is also the only one participating in Rank Battles who utilizes Enhanced Radar, possibly suggesting a correlation between said Trigger and the position.[1] Since none of her Triggers seems to possess any offensive abilities,[1] a Spotter may instead be any A or B-Rank agent who has no Triggers capable of inflicting damage in their set, leaving the existence of a ranking specific to this position uncertain.

The duties of a Spotter are unknown. Asumi Amakura's Trigger set is geared towards detection, stealth and retreat tactics, which may mean her role is to keep track of the enemy's position.


  • In the military, a spotter is a member of a sniper team who detects, observes, and assigns targets and watches for the results of the shot, also accounting for atmospheric conditions.