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A Squad (部隊(ぶたい) Butai?) is a group of Border agents that consists of at least one combatant and one Operator and the maximum number of four combatants and one operator.[1]


The squads are separated between A-rank, B-rank, and C-rank squads, each with their own rankings. Currently, there are 9 A-rank squads, 21 B-rank squads, and 1 unregistered C-rank squad which are known. These rankings are determined by the rank of the squad's lowest ranking member[2] or by points that they have acquired during Rank Wars.[3] Additionally, their transfer between ranks depend on their points, performance, and/or conducts.


Each squad has its own uniform with different basic design.[3] They are created after the designer discusses its specifics with the development department. The majority of the uniforms use basic sports-related uniforms as a base and then add on to it. However, there are some more refined uniforms that are designed entirely by a designer from scratch while some were designed by the squad's members themselves.[2]


B-rank's emblem

Those that are in B-rank use the same emblem with their current ranking embedded in the design. Meanwhile, those that are in A-rank have the privilege to have their own emblem. Other than being disbanded, they are allowed to keep their emblem even if they are demoted to B-rank.[4] A-rank also can receive a sum of merchandise that has its emblem on it.

Known Squads[]