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Places a marker on a location previously hit by a bullet. Effective in stealth combat.

Starmaker's description, in Large-Scale Invasion 18.[1]

Kanji スタアメーカー
Organization BrDr.png Border
Type White trion.png Normal
Classification Optional.png Optional (Gunner/Shooter)
- Places a marker on the area of impact
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 71
Anime Episode 32

Starmaker (スタアメーカー Sutāmēkā?) is an Optional Trigger for Gunners and Shooters.


Starmaker is not visible until applied to a target through a bullet. Once activated, Starmakers look like stylized, eggplant-purple crosshairs with a white circle at the center.[2]


The origins of this Trigger are unknown.


Starmaker can be used in conjunction with Gunner Triggers. When a target is hit, Starmaker will cause a marker to appear in the area of impact.[3] The target will keep showing up on Radar even if they activate Bagworm, and the marker will remain visible if they use Chameleon.[4] Hence, the primary function of this Trigger is to enable and counter stealth combat, allowing the user and their teammates to always know the location of the target.[1] It is also an excellent counter to Vorvoros and similar Triggers that make the enemy vulnerable only in a specific area, especially since the symbol can be seen through non-transparent objects like trion bodies,[5] providing information not only on the general location of the target, but also on the exact position of the marker in three dimensions.[6]

Starmaker must be equipped to the Gunner Trigger before opening fire,[4] but since it is activated only afterward, it is possible to set markers only on areas of interest and ignore the rest.[3] This Trigger is connected to the Operator's monitor,[4] and in fact they are the ones who decide which targets to highlight.[1] One of its limitations is that, being an all-purpose Optional Trigger instead of an exclusive one, it prevents another Trigger from its column from being activated at the same time. Furthermore, the requirement of hitting the target often means the latter is defeated before the Trigger can be activated, whereas marking a limb might result in it being cut off.[7]


See also: Starmaker Users

There are only 3 known users of this Trigger:[8] Kōtarō Suwa,[9] Daichi Tsutsumi,[10] and Seiji Marui.[11]


  • All known users of this Trigger are Gunners.[8]
    • Since it was labeled as an all-purpose Trigger instead of an exclusive one, it is probable that Starmaker, much like Lead Bullet, can be used by Snipers as well.


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