As part of Ninomiya Unit, he suffered the penalty of having his unit demoted to B-rank after Hatohara's violation of regulations.

Large-Scale Invasion ArcEdit

He is briefly seen at Rinji's house following Hatohara's disappearance during Osamu's flashback.

B-Rank Rank Battles ArcEdit

He is part of the four-way Rank Battle between Ninomiya Unit, Tamakoma Second, Kageura Unit, and Azuma Unit. At first, he plays in the snow, and is scolded by Tsuji. He tracks down Osamu, and begins to fight him, forcing Osamu to flee since Inukai was undoubtedly superior. However, Koarai and Okudera ambush him, cutting off his arm. He engages the two in battle with Tsuji. When Chika prepares to shoot, he says that there is nothing about which to worry since Chika does have the will to shoot. However, contrary to what he said, Chika shoots, but he manages to defend since Chika's attack was slow. Now knowing Chika's location, he pursues her, when he is sniped by Ema. Kageura appears and strikes him down. He accuses Kageura Unit of being too kind to Tamakoma Second. Kageura tells him to shut up and die. Inukai Bails Out.

Later, during the Galopoula Invasion, he shoots down Idras, following orders from his captain.