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You're not the only one who can warp space.

Isami Tōma to Mira, in Large-Scale Invasion 20.[1]

Switchbox (スイッチボックス Suitchibokkusu?) is a Trap Trigger. Its users are classified as Trappers.[2]


Switchbox resembles a laptop or briefcase, slate grey in color, with a keyboard of sorts, a handle, and a digital display.


The origins of this Trigger are unknown. Some of its mechanics were incorporated in the anti-Neighbor defense system protecting the edges of the forbidden zone in Mikado City.[3]


Switchbox enables the user to place marks corresponding to different traps on any point of the map, as well as to set them off at will.[2] Some traps are intended to damage the opponent, others to support allies.[2] The only two known ones are a blade that springs out of the ground when a target walks over it,[4] and a short warp[5] that allows an ally to teleport to another location within a certain radius.[6] It is possible to change the effects of a trap even after a mark has been set.[5]

It appears the marks require a surface to be placed on, thus they cannot be placed in mid-air,[7] and, albeit invisible to the naked eye, they are visible on Radar as trion readings,[8] potentially alerting the enemy of their presence. This drawback is somewhat mitigated by the possibility for Chameleon users to hide their trion signature among those of the marks.[9]

Outside of rank battles, Switchbox can also be combined with the Headquarters 's trion to create more powerful traps and unmanned defense systems.[10]

Among Switchbox's downsides are the complexity of the Trigger and its high trion consumption.[11]

Known Traps[]

Name Description
Trap teleportation.png Short Warp[5] A trap meant to support allies. When they press the mark, they will be teleported to another one of their choosing.[12] It has a radius of at least a few dozen meters.[6]
Blade trap.png Spring Blade When a target steps on the mark, a blade springs up from the ground, piercing them.[4]


See also: Switchbox Users

Switchbox has only three known users,[13] and as such it is one of the most unpopular Triggers in Border. Two of them, Shinji Fuyushima[14] and Mai Kitagawa, are A-rank agents,[15] whereas Masakuni Hakoda's unit is currently in B-rank.[16]


  • The three users of this Trigger, Border's only known Trappers, have the same Trigger set: Switchbox, Chameleon and Shield in the main, in this order, and Bagworm Tag at the top of the sub.[14][15][16]
  • The databook lists Switchbox among the Defense Triggers, despite also calling it a "Trap Trigger".[2]


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