Taichi Betsuyaku is a moderately good Sniper. During training he ranked 13th at least once, while practicing stealth and target acquisition, which speaks for a certain degree of skill at hiding.[1] His role in the team is generally to support the ace, but when separated from him, Betsuyaku joins forces with his captain and fights at mid-range,[2] a strategy that seems to be unique to Suzunari First. The two have come up with multiple offensive and defensive collaborative tactics.[2] When on his own, he is prone to getting carried away and being reckless in combat.[3] Nonetheless, he can be surprisingly observant, noticing that Rei Nasu's Viper bullets were slower than usual.[4] His unique way of thinking can on occasion be an asset to his team, which he demonstrated when he came up with a strategy to blind their opponents by turning on and off the lights in a mall at night, a plan that was reputed to be both unpredictable[5] and extremely effective.[6] Like Murakami, Betsuyaku will prioritize Kuruma's survival over his own even if it goes aganst the interest of the team.[7]


Taichi Betsuyaku's Triggers
Type: White trion Normal Eaglet
Screenshot (155)
Classification: SN Sniper
Betsuyaku's rifle of choice for long-range sniping.[8] With it, he was able to place 13th in the stealth and target acquisition training.[1] He first uses it in Chapter 49 (Episode 24 in the anime).

Type: White trion Normal Bagworm
Screenshot (155)
Classification: OP Optional
Border's Optional Trigger that renders the user invisible to Radar while active. Betsuyaku first uses it in Chapter 49 (Episode 24 in the anime).

Type: White trion Normal Shield
Taichi Kuruma Shield anime
Classification: Defense Defense
Border's default Defense Trigger that enables the user to create barrier that can block opponent's attacks. By combining his Shield with his captain's, the two can protect themselves from all directions without making their defense too thin.[9] He can also use it to defend himself while fighting at Gunner range.[10] Betsuyaku first uses it in Chapter 100 (Episode 46 in the anime).

Type: White trion Normal Lightning
Betsuyaku Lightning1
Classification: SN Sniper
Betsuyaku activates Lightning to fight alongside Tatsuya Kuruma at mid-range like a Gunner, exploiting its high rate of fire.[9] He first uses it in Chapter 100 (Episode 46 in the anime).

Type: White trion Normal Ibis
Betsuyaki Ibis
Classification: SN Sniper
Betsuyaku uses Ibis to break through defenses that are too durable to be penetrated by Eaglet.[11] He first uses it in Chapter 124.

Type: White trion Normal Escudo
Betsuyaku Escudo (169)
Classification: Defense Defense
Betsuyaku equipped this Defense Trigger as part of his strategy to turn on and off the lights in one of the Rank Wars matches. By summoning one barrier from the ground and one from the ceiling, he protected both himself and the fusebox from attacks as powerful as Ibis fire.[12] Betsuyaku first uses it in Chapter 169.


Trion Attack Defense/Support Mobility Skill Range Command Special Tactics Total
Border Briefing File[13] 5 6 4 5 7 7 2 2 38


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