Talented Elite Jin (実力派エリート迅 Jitsuryokuha Erīto Jin?) is a oneshot created by Daisuke Ashihara. It is the second precursor to the World Trigger manga series, the first of which is Trigger Keeper.


Characters in order of appearanceEdit

Major differencesEdit

  • Instead of "Trigger", the Neighbors' technology is referred to as "Neighbor Craft".
  • Jin is the protagonist rather than Osamu and Yūma, who are not seen in the manga.
    • According to Editor Hattori, the reason why Jin is the oneshot's protagonist is because Ashihara thought it would be a waste to use Osamu and Yūma in the oneshot, so he suggested using Jin instead and Hattori liked the idea.[citation needed]
  • Masafumi Shinoda and Takumi Rindō don't exist, but Yōtarō has an older sister called Ruka and their surname is Shinoda.
    • Additionally, Yōtarō is a combatant.
    • Masamune Kido doesn't exist either, and Border's leader is Makoto Yuiga (similar to Makoto Chano and Takeru Yuiga). He also has a son called Tadashi, the leader of Base No. 7, who bears a resemblance to Takeru.
  • Border's branches receive number designations instead of names, such as Base No. 7.


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