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Tamakoma Branch ((たま)(こま) ()() Tamakoma-shibu ?) is Chapter 19 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short Summary[]

Osamu and the others visit the base of Tamakoma Branch. Jin and Takumi Rindō invite Yūma to join Tamakoma Branch.

Long Summary[]

Osamu and the others are shocked at Jin's suggestion of inviting Yūma to join Tamakoma Branch. In order to persuade Yūma, Jin invites him for a visit, whom accepted the offer on the condition that Chika and Osamu are allowed to come along.

Upon arriving at the base, Osamu notices that the base is essentially an abandoned building in the middle of a river. Jin then remarks that most of the agents are out and wonders how many people are inside, to which Osamu begins to fret over the high caliber individuals he is about to meet.

When they enter the base, they are shocked to see a small boy riding a fat Capybara, whom rudely greets them. Next, the group is greeted by a flighty Usami, Tamakoma Branch's operator, whom offers them Dorayaki. Osamu is dumbfounded at the obvious differences between laid-back Tamakoma Branch and Border HQ when he sees Yōtarō attempt to steal Yūma's Dorayaki and proposes to Chika. Usami then says that with only 10 peoples, Tamakoma Branch is considered small but, they're distinctively stronger than HQ.

Upon learning that Shiori is one of the few who have gone to the Neighbor world, Chika asks how people are chosen to go to the Neighbor world. Shiori explains they are chosen from the A-Rank agents, and Osamu wonders if Chika wants to go to the other world. Just then, Jin walks in and informs them that he receives a call from the branch chief that they'll spend the night.

Jin then escorts Yūma and Osamu to Rindō's office, who apparently wants to meet with them. Rindō greets Yūma and assures him that they have no intention of capturing him. He asks Yūma if he knows the name of his father's friend, and Yūma replies Sōichi Mogami. Rindō explains that Mogami was a founding member of Border and Jin's mentor. He adds that Jin's Black Trigger is actually created by Mogami, who died five years ago. Yūma barely reacts to this news. Rindō shares that he owes Yūgo a great deal, and invites Yūma to join Tamakoma Branch so Rindō can protect him openly but Yūma refuses, confusing Osamu.

Later, Jin asks Yūma to tell him the story of his and his father's past. At the same time, Replica tells Osamu that it is time for him to tell the reasons why Yūma came to Japan.

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