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Tamakoma Branch (玉狛 支部 Tamakoma-Shibu ?) is volume 19 of the World Trigger Manga.


Mysterious Neighbors allied with Tamakoma meet with Osamu and friends over the recent developments at Border and Hyuse joining their squad. While everyone is hashing out new strategies, Ema from Kageura squad considrs throwing his next match against Tamakoma-2 to help Chika stay with her friends on the away mission. But Arafune reminds Ema that he also has the power to protect Chika on the away team!

Cover Characters[]

Front Cover

Back Cover


  1. Tamakoma Branch 4 (玉狛支部 ➃ Tamakoma-shibu 4?)
  2. Tamakoma Branch 5 (玉狛支部 ➄ Tamakoma-shibu 5?)
  3. Yuzuru Ema 2 (絵馬 ユズル ② Ema Yuzuru 2?)
  4. Tamakoma Second 20 (玉狛第二 ⑳ Tamakoma Daini 20?)
  5. Osamu Mikumo 16 (三雲修 ⑯ Mikumo Osamu 16?)
  6. Tamakoma Second 21 (玉狛第二 ㉑ Tamakoma Daini 21?)
  7. Suzunari First 2 (鈴鳴第一 ② Suzunari Daiichi 2?)
  8. Suzunari First 3 (鈴鳴第一 ③ Suzunari Daiichi 3?)
  9. Tamakoma Second 22 (玉狛第二 ㉒ Tamakoma Daini 22?)

Author's Notes[]

"Being able to start work on this series again was thanks to a whole lot of help from a whole lot of people. So once more, I hope you all enjoy it.

This is volume 19 of World Trigger."

Introduced Characters[]

Story Arc[]