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Tamakoma Branch 2 ((たま)(こま) ()()Tamakoma-shibu 2 ?) is Chapter 22 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short summary[]

Osamu, Yūma and Chika are introduced to Kirie Konami, Kyōsuke Karasuma and Reiji Kizaki.

Long summary[]

At Tamakoma Branch, Osamu, Yūma, Chika, Jin, and Shiori meet to discuss how Osamu's team can achieve A-Rank. Shiori explains that participation in defense missions or ranking tournaments against other teams will allow them to move up to a new rank. However, since new initiates are only brought on three times per year, Yūma will have to wait until then in order to join the ranking tournament. In the meantime, Yūma will need to learn how to use Border Triggers, since his Black Trigger is automatically classified as S-Rank and therefore disqualifies him from joining a team with the others.

Then, when Shiori asks Chika whether she wants to be an Operator or combatant, Yūma suggests that she should be a combatant, which Chika also agrees. Next, Shiori asks Chika to decide between three different positions; attacker, gunner, and sniper. In order to know which position suits her best, Shiori asks Chika a few questions regarding her attributes. This only ends up demotivating her, thinking that she has no redeeming features. However, Osamu refutes this by saying that Chika has great endurance, patience, and flexibility. As Shiori about to say Chika's suitable position, Jin interrupts her by saying "a sniper", which irritates her.

Suddenly, a girl bursts in the door, crying about her dorayaki. She then shakes the half-asleep Yōtarō, demanding to know if he was the one who ate them. Shiori quickly apologizes for feeding the pancakes to their guests. Meanwhile, two more people walk in and notice the newcomers. This, however, annoys Konami as she didn't know anything about them. Jin then introduces the new recruits and falsely claims that they are his younger brothers and sister, which shocks Konami. She turns to Kyōsuke whom confirms this, but Reiji admits Jin is the only child, leaving her confused. Shiori then introduces them as Kirie Konami, Kyōsuke Karasuma, and Reiji Kizaki.

With the next recruitment day only three weeks away, Jin requests that each of the three A-Rank agents offer one-on-one training to their new recruits. Konami refuses at first, but when Jin informs them that it is an order from Rindō she immediately picks out Yūma as the strongest. Chika is assigned to Reiji, the only agent with sniper experience. Osamu is left with Kyōsuke. Jin gets away, saying that he cannot mentor anyone since he has a lot to do. At Headquarters, Kido is informed that the Expedition Force will return from Menoeides in about three days.

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