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Tamakoma Branch 3 (玉狛支部 ➂ Tamakoma-shibu 3?) is chapter 23 of the World Trigger manga.

Short summary[]

Osamu and the others begin their training with their respective mentors.

Long summary[]

At the Tamakoma Branch, Karasuma and Osamu enters Training Room 1, which surprises the latter that such a facility exists below the base. Karasuma then tells Osamu that the Branch Chief once told him that Triggers were not merely weapons but the foundation of Neighbor civilization. They activate their Triggers, and Karasuma orders Osamu to attack him with everything he's got.

Meanwhile, in Training Room 3, Reiji observes Chika as she fires a shot at a target. Reiji teaches Chika that if she aims well, she'll hit the target. Since he must leave on defense duty, Reiji instructs Chika to continue shooting until her Trion runs out, which will be the end of the training session. Reiji then admits to himself that although Chika is motivated and obedient, she isn't cut out for combat.

In Training Room 2, Konami orders Yūma to pick a Trigger and attack her. As he's choosing his Trigger, Yūma asks whether it's okay if he goes all out. Shiori confirms that it is fine if he fights with everything he's got. She explains that since they're in virtual battle mode, they won't run out of Trion. As they about to begin, Konami insults Yūma by calling him a midget to which he refuses to use honorifics when addressing Konami unless she beats him. In turn, Konami agrees to call Yūma by his name if he beats her.

At the end of the day, Karasuma asks an exhausted Osamu if he is really B-Rank. Then, Konami exits Training Room 2 in disbelief which follows by Yūma, whom exits looking sorely beaten and claims he won, but only the last of ten matches. Osamu is shocked that Yūma only once against Konami, who challenges Yūma to another match. Kyōsuke asks if Osamu can also continue, and not to be outdone, he agrees. When Reiji returns, he is shocked to learn that the others are still training. He then asks Shiori whether Chika has gone home. When she says that Chika hasn't left the Training Room, Reiji rushes towards the room only to find that Chika is still shooting, leaving him wonders about her Trion volume.

Three days later, as a gate opens inside Border HQ, Commander Kido and the others welcome the arrival of the Expedition Force, which consist of Border's top teams, from their away mission.

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