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Tamakoma Branch 5 ((たま)(こま) ()()Tamakoma-shibu 5 ?) is Chapter 162 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short Summary[]

Yuri explains about the history of Border to Osamu after he finds a picture in Commander Kido's old room. Meanwhile, Yūma heads to HQ with Chika after finishing a sparring session with Hyuse.

Long Summary[]

Osamu is confused to find Kido's name in Tamakoma Branch. He looks inside a drawer and finds a photograph of people in front of Tamkoma Branch. He recognizes some: Rindō, Konami, Kizaki, Jin, and Yuri. Yuri notices the picture, commenting that it was taken about six years ago. Osamu notes that Kido is not present, but she points to a smiling man and says that he is Kido. Osamu is surprised as the man in the picture appears jovial and lacks Kido's facial scar. Yuri explains how Tamakoma Branch was the Old Border HQ, and the 19 people in the photo were members. Osamu asks about their whereabouts; Yuri replies that Kido, Shinoda, and Kiriyama transferred to HQ while Mato left Border. The other 10 people had passed away in a Neighborhood conflict, with some of them becoming Black Triggers. After this experience, Kido became much more serious and solemn, believing that a bridge between Earth and the rest of the Neighborhood is impossible. As a result, he deviated from Old Border's goal of connecting Earth to the Neighborhood. Yuri begins talking about Tamakoma's way of doing things, when Konami suddenly interrupts, having been embarrassed by the old photo.

Hyuse and Yūma finish battling, with Yūma winning 12-8. Chika invites Yūma and Hyuse to HQ; Yūma accepts but Hyuse declines. At HQ, Yūma meets up with Murakami and Kageura to train while Chika meets up with Natsume, Ema, Tōma, and Hiura.


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