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Tamakoma Branch 6 ((たま)(こま) ()()Tamakoma shibu 6 ?) is Chapter 182 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short summary[]

Tamakoma Second discusses their upcoming rank battle.

Long summary[]

Yūma and Midorikawa encounter Jin and Osamu as they leave Yuba Unit's quarters. Midorikawa leaves with Jin to spar with him.

At Tamakoma Branch, Tamakoma Second discusses their opponents in the upcoming rank battle. Yūma notes that Yuba is much faster than the logs make him out to be, which he achieves by sacrificing range for power and speed. To counter it, they plan on having Spider or Escudo to block his shots and fighting him outside his range. They also consider Yuba's proficiency with both Asteroid and Viper; the former is for opponents with weak defense; the latter is used for opponents with a strong defense. Obishima is an all-rounder who usually uses Kogetsu, but also utilizes Shooter Triggers. Yūma suggests isolating and eliminating her. To counter Ninomiya, Usami advises them to avoid a one-on-one confrontation with him. When asked about his ability to defeat Ninomiya by Yōtarō, Hyuse asserts that although he would have the trion advantage, he would be unable to defeat Ninomiya as the latter would simply barrage him until his defenses were worn out. Hyuse acknowledges that while he could employ the same strategy, it would leave him unguarded, pointing out that Ninomiya didn't use his barrage strategy until after Azuma's location was known in the previous match. While Yūma suggests a strategy where Chika defends and Hyuse attacks, Chika reveals that she is no longer unwilling to shoot, and the reverse strategy could be used where Chika attacks and the others defend. Observing that Yūma did not detect a lie, Osamu agrees to the new strategy but orders Chika to wait for his command. Should Chika and Ninomiya get into a fight, Hyuse will act as her defender. Having an idea, Osamu requests to use the training room and asks Karasuma to assist.

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