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Tamakoma Branch 7 ((たま)(こま) ()()Tamakoma-shibu 7 ?) is Chapter 183 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short summary[]

Karasuma helps Tamakoma Second prepare for their upcoming rank battle.

Long summary[]

Osamu asks Karasuma to imitate Ninomiya by having the training room simulate Ninomiya's trion levels with Karasuma. Karasuma agrees and has Konami take care of his dinner duty. The simulation begins and Karasuma batters Hyuse with bullets. Hyuse's pessimism in facing Ninomiya is increased. Karasuma suggests aiming or a strategy that prevents Ninomiya from going all-out. Osamu responds that the goal is to get Ninomiya to focus fully on offense and lower his guard. Karasuma points out that Ninomiya might not fall for it, but Osamu remains optimistic. He thinks back to the encounter with Ninomiya in the restaurant and how emotionally Ninomiya acted in comparison to his teammates and concludes that Ninomiya is the type to take risks for a one-on-one. At dinner, Konami reveals that she will be a commentator and demands that they do not embarrass her. The next day, the battle begins.

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