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Tamakoma First (玉狛第1 Tamakoma Dai 1 ?) is Chapter 53 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short summary[]

Tamakoma First joins Osamu's fray against the Rabbits. While it seems as though the battle is going in their favor, the Aftokrator Neighbors themselves join the invasion with different objectives.

Long summary[]

Konami activates her Trion body while heading to Osamu. Meanwhile, Hyrein expresses shock in Chika's annihilation of the Rabbit. He wonders if it's a Black Trigger, but Mira confirms it wasn't. Hyrein then suggests capturing her, referring to her as the "golden chick". He orders Lamvanein and Enedra to battle combatants, while he orders Viza and Hyuse to capture Chika.

While things seem grim for Osamu, who is holding his own against a Rabbit, Kizaki appears and manages to save Chika, who was under attack of another Rabbit. He chides Chika for not remembering her basic Sniper training, but Chika proves him wrong. He then punches the Rabbit away, throwing it over Osamu and into the one Osamu faced. Kirie then uses Meteor and Sōgetsu to defeat the Rabbit, and asks Osamu about Yūma.

While Kirie asks Osamu about Yūma, a Rabbit tries attacking them with a blast from his eye, but Karasuma uses Escudo to defend them. Osamu explains Kitora's predicament to them, and Karasuma responds that the same happened to another member and that the cube was being analyzed by Border's engineers. Konami prepares to attack the Rabbits again, but several Rads open gates, through which the Aftokrator Neighbors come to join the invasion.

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