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Tamakoma First 2 (玉狛第1 ➁ Tamakoma Daiichi 2 ?) is Chapter 55 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short summary[]

Tamakoma First defends the C-Rank agents, and prepare to attack their assailants, Viza and Hyuse. Meanwhile, Enedra attacks Kazama Squad, but Kikuchihara's Side Effect save them.

Long summary[]

Viza and Hyuse prepare to attack Tamakoma First, when Reiji Kizaki orders Kirie Konami to finish off the remaining Rabbits. By combining her two Sōgetsus using the Connector, she does so effortlessly, vertically slicing one Rabbit in half, and then cut another one's torso off. Osamu asks Replica how is that possible, and Replica explains that Tamakoma's differ from those of Headquarters, in that they're unapproved Neighbor technology. Due to this reason, Tamakoma First cannot participate in Rank Wars. 

Konami manages to re-acquire the cubes of Kitora and a few C-Rank agents, while Kizaki and Kyōsuke then begin their offensive against their attackers, using a minigun and a Machine Gun trigger, respectively.

Meanwhile, Enedra is beginning his battle with the Kazama Squad. He proceeds to make a move which Kazama can't sense. Kikuchihara somehow manages to hear something below them, and orders them to jump, and massive spikes pop out of the ground. It is then revealed he has a Side Effect, which enhances his hearing.

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