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Tamakoma Second ((たま)(こま) (だい)() Tamakoma Dai-ni ?) is Chapter 86 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short Summary[]

Tamakoma Second enters their first Rank War match which was in the lower group and easily soars into the middle group.

Long Summary[]

Director Rindō tells Yūma and Osamu that the Top Brass will transfer points to Chika so that she can be in B-Rank. He explains that normally it is impossible to do that but the Top Brass didn't want Chika to be in combat without the capability of Bail Out due to her large Trion reserves.

On February 1, Yūma and Chika would be fighting, but not Osamu due to his injuries. Kido approaches Osamu and congratulates him on making a B-rank squad and asks if he has healed, Osamu yes he is healed and will fight in the next round. Kido then asks him about the press conference. Osamu reveals that he knew about the scapegoat plan, and orders Kido to never use Yūma or Chika like that. Kido complies, and adds that Shinoda and Director Rindō weren't involved, then wishes him luck to reach his goal.

At the Rank War commentator booth, Taketomi, Ebina Squad's operator, is a play-by-play commentator, alongside Osamu and Satori. Satori explains how the rounds work, with a few teams in their respective group battling it out for a chance to move up the ranks. He then explains how the groups are divided into 3: Upper/Top, Middle, and Bottom/Lower with each having 7 squads each due to having 21 total Squads and lastly the squads fight in either 3 or 4 way team matches between a day division and a night division. He also explains the points system; a kill gives you 1 point, and the last squad surviving gives them 2 regardless of how many members of the squad are left. It was also mentioned that the top 2 B-rank Squads can challenge the A-ranks and that teams from the last season gets points according to their previous placement.

Tamakoma Second due to starting this season is in last place at 21st in the bottom group, has their first match which is against Mamiya Squad and Yoshizato Squad. Taketomi inquires about the number disadvantage Tamakoma Second has, since they are missing a member. Osamu replies it won't be a problem. Yūma and Chika go on to obliterate the two teams, rising to #12. On February 4, Tamakoma Second will fight Arafune Squad and Suwa Squad.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

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