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This is about the Chapter. For other uses, see Tamakoma Second (disambiguation).

Tamakoma Second 12 ((たま)(こま) (だい)()Tamakoma Dai-ni 12 ?) is Chapter 141 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short Summary[]

Osamu and Yūma respectively hold off both Katori Squad and Kakizaki Squad while Chika gives sniper support to both of her teammates by using her Black Lightning.

Long Summary[]

Osamu intercepts Katori Unit while Yūma intercepts Kakizaki Unit. Katori is annoyed that she cannot get past Osamu, who is supposedly the weakest one in the match. Yūma uses Grasshopper to maneuver around his opponents' gunfire and slash them. Both of them use Spider wires set up by Osamu previously to incapacitate their foes and both are supported by Chika's Black Lightning. This allows Yūma to decapitate Tomoe, and get Tamakoma Second 1 point. Katori decides to plow forward, believing that it would be easy to defeat Osamu by simply cut the Spider wires, only to trip on one obscured from her vision. Chika uses the opportunity to snipe her leg, lodging Lead Bullet in it. Katori has no choice but to cut it off. Wakamura realizes that Tamakoma Second must have planned in great detail for this. Teruya tells her captain that she'll go and deal with Chika; he approves of her decision.

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