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This is about the chapter. For other uses, see Tamakoma Second (disambiguation).

Tamakoma Second 14 (玉駒第2⑭ Tamakoma Dai 2 14?) is chapter 146 of the World Trigger manga.

Short Summary[]

With the end of the Round 5, Izumi, Sakurako, and Tokieda discuss Mikumo Unit's improvement, while Jin, Hyuse and Yōtarō discuss Hyuse's enlistment.

Long Summary[]

The Round 5 Rank Battle ends with the score being 7-1-1, Tamakoma Second's victory. When commenting on the battle, Tokieda remarks that Tamakoma Second's victories were based on tactics at the end of the battle. Izumi explains that the wires served a crucial role; rather than trying to strengthen himself, Osamu used the wires to strengthen Yūma. Tokieda also points out Chika's role: distraction. Her shield-bypassing shots caused Kakizaki Unit to have to shift its focus, allowing Yūma to strike them. Kakizaki apologizes to his team for being too cautious, but is assured by his teammates that it was the right thing to do. Izumi says that Katori Unit was impeded because they were too dependent on Katori, who was unable to go all-out. Yōtarō asks Hyuse what Osamu's trick with Spider was. Hyuse responds that Osamu likely made some wires more visible than others, so that the more visible wires would deter attention away from the less visible wires. Tamakoma Second rises to #4 in B-Rank.

In Katori Unit's operation room, Katori decides to quit Border as a result of the overwhelming loss. Miura tells Katori they just have to get stronger. Katori argues that she is unable to work hard, but Somei affirms that Katori's regret would make Katori stronger. Jin asks Hyuse for his opinion on the match. Hyuse admits Tamakoma Second has improved slightly, and Jin says that Osamu will now have a lot of work allowing Hyuse to join his team.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Magazine-Tankōbon Differences[]

  • In the original version of the chapter, Katori had a plain-colored shirt with a leaf on it, probably as a reference to her given name (which means "leaf child"). However, in the volume 17 version, the leaf was removed and her shirt became plaid.


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