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Tamakoma Second 21 ((たま)(こま) (だい)()Tamakoma Dai-ni 21 ?) is Chapter 166 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short Summary[]

The four different teams discuss their respective strategies for the upcoming Rank War.

Long Summary[]

Osamu decides to not use any wire formations since the tall buildings and small map make them disadvantageous as there are only a few good spots, the other teams have snipers which means they can fight back without going into the wire zone, and even if he does set it up, the other squads won't go along with it as they know Tamakoma needs points the most. He orders Hyuse to pretend that he can only use Kogetsu, and then surprise opponents with a Viper attack. He orders Chika to stay outside the building and then destroy it when necessary additionally Usami equiped Hyuse and Chika with Meteor, other than that it will be the same strategy of the ace (in this case, aces) getting points while Osamu and Chika provide backup just that they now have another person.

Kageura and Kitazoe are confident in their victory, and Ema declares that he will provide backup for his teammates as a gunner rather than a sniper.

Koarai decides to use grasshopper but argues with Okudera on the reason why Suzunari First chose Urban Area D considering that it only mitigates the snipers' abilities. Koarai argues that it would be better for them to get as many points in the beginning before the groups begin reuniting because of Hyuse's unknown nature as well as Suzunari's unknown motive for their choice of map. Mako mentions that Hyuse could be more of an All-Rounder which would mean he would use either Asteroid or Meteor on the map. Azuma says the match will test their improvision skills and asks if they remember the basics: they collectively answer: put pressure on the operator's processing ability so they can be busy which would disrupt their combo moves which would create an opening to exploit. Azuma is glad they remember but then thinks to himself about how it would be a perfect chance to see how much they have grown.

Kuruma orders his team to fight in narrow areas wherever possible. He orders Betsuyaku to go to a certain place, as Betsuyaku has a plan.

The groups teleport into the map, which is at nighttime.

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