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This is about the chapter. For other uses, see Tamakoma Second (disambiguation).

Tamakoma Second 22 ((たま)(こま)(だい)()Tamakoma Dai-ni 22?) is chapter 169 of the World Trigger manga.

Short Summary[]

After a short flashback of Suzunari-1's planning, their new formation and tactic for this round unfolds, which is then undone when Yūma and Hyuse meet up.

Long Summary[]

The chapter starts off with a flashback at Suzunari Branch HQ, where Suzunari-1 is talking about how they need a new strategy as they were working fine against the top B-rank group, they found themselves outclassed in the last match.

Cutting back to inside the mall, Kageura Squad ducked into a small restaurant inside the mall which allows Kageura to use Mantis while making it so Kuruma can't use his Full Attack.

However, Taichi with the help of Kon, reveals his plan, as he flips the switch in the electrical room, shutting off all the lights inside the mall. Kon turns on Visual Support synced seamlessly with Taichi, allowing Suzunari to see, but not Kageura Squad. Combined with Murakami's Black Kogetsu that can't be seen in the dark, it allowed Suzunari to push Kageura back.

Hikari turns on Visual Support not long after, which made Kageura think they are on even ground again; however, Taichi and Kon do the reverse by turning on the lights making it, blinding Kageura and Kitazoe, which allowed Murakami to almost slash Kageura's Trion Gland.

Kitazoe then asks Ema if he has a clear shot on Taichi to which he replies that he doesn't, and mentions how he is hiding under radar; Hikari then sends the coordinates to the fuse box. Ema then takes a shot with Ibis but fails as Taichi planned ahead by activating two Escudos on top of each other which blocked Ema's Ibis.

Due to Taichi's Escudos, Kitazoe shoots the lights so Suzunari loses their advantage in that room; however, Murakami would like to take down Kageura while they are still there, but as mentioned by Inukai, Kitazoe would normally use Meteor and bust their way out, but due to Azuma using Bagworm, they think he is still outside and are worried they will be sniped when they go out.

Meanwhile, Osamu, now missing an arm, is thinking about how the light trick almost killed him if not for Usami, and that he needs to do something about the lights.

Kon warns Taichi that someone who just activated Bagworm is coming for him; he then tries crawling away only to be caught by a Double Escudo made by Hyuse who has met up with Yūma.

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