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This is about the chapter. For other uses, see Tamakoma Second (disambiguation).

Tamakoma Second 23 ((たま)(こま)(だい)()Tamakoma Dai-ni 23?) is chapter 170 of the World Trigger manga.

Short Summary[]

After Taichi bails out, Yuma and Hyuse catches up to the firefight between Suzunari and Kageura Squad. The duo then separate Kage from everyone else and almost finish him off

Long Summary[]

Taichi bails out with Tamakoma getting the first point, with Hyuse and Yuma having met up, they go to the center of the mall. Hyuse summons a escudo below them to launch them with Yuma then using grasshopper to throw the duo towards the Kageura vs Suzunari Duo fight then turns off bagworm, at the same time Azuma spots them and tells his teammates to watch out for the two.

A small stalemate happens as Inukai pointed out, any clumsy attack will be punished by another team. Then there is how Kageura has major trion loss while Hyuse's trigger set is unknown for the most part so the other teams could be bidding their time so that they could learn his set. Yuitsuka comments that he heavily used Kogetsu during enlistment day, Inukai replies with how people are saying his skills are nothing to laugh at with Arashiyama asking if they should assume Hyuse is an Attacker to which Inukai says to not assume anything yet.

Hyuse asks Osamu about the situation for where he is at and if he is coming up. Osamu replies with how Okudera and Koarai as well as Ema are with him, Ema thinks about how he can't get close to the ones up top and asks himself if he could snipe them from down below while the Azuma duo thinks about how they should take out Ema with a pincer attack.

Kuruma comments on how Tamakoma is desperate to go on the away mission so they would want to get as much points as possible, so when Tamakoma makes a move they will attack. Yuitsuka comments on how there are 3 duos on the 6th floor and adds on whether or not they will wait for their allies or will they attack. Kageura tells Kitazoe that Tamakoma is coming afterwards Hyuse tells Yuma to proceed to which Hyuse summons double escudo to block off Kitazoe and Suzunari but keep Kageura in which Arashiyama comments that the 2v2v2 turned into a 2v1.

Hyuse puts his hand on his Kogetsu to which Kageura is thinking about it but his Side Effect shows there is more than that revealing the giant "Asteroid" cube Hyuse summoned, the commentators reply saying it is huge while Kageura puts up his Full Guard while Suzunari sees the huge cube but nothing else. Kageura questions if Hyuse is using the bullets to blind him, immediately afterwards his Side Effect tells his a slice for his neck is coming which was Hyuse doing a diagonal slash at Kageura's neck while at the same time Yuma tried to slice off Kageura's leg.

Kageura blocks Yuma's Scorpion with his own then pulls off a complex technique using Mantis which cuts off Yuma's arm and scratches Hyuse. Kageura taunts them by saying their double team attempt failed to which Hyuse responds with "not exactly" as the rest of his "Asteroid" fires and hits Kageura. Arashiyama comments that it is a delayed attack as Hyuse held back half of his bullets which simulated a three way attack.

One of the commentators(presumably Yuitsuka) says Hyuse's advantage is his unknown style to which he used to his benefit in this fight. Osamu ponders as Yuma and Hyuse has trapped Kageura while Suzunari is over there but Hyuse isn't curving the bullets. Inukai comments on how Kageura is finished as he is missing a leg and has already lost a lot Trion, Kageura's coms warning him off critical trion loss to which he says "dammit".

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