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Tamakoma Second 24 ((たま)(こま) (だい)()Tamakoma Dai-ni 24 ?) is Chapter 196 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short Summary[]

The rank war between Tamakoma Second, Ninomiya Squad, Yuba Squad, and Ikoma Squad is discussed.

Long Summary[]

Osamu is astonished at Tamakoma Second's victory, especially at the fact that Chika shot down Tsuji. The commentators too were surprised by Osamu's tactic of disguising Hound as a weak Asteroid.

Ikoma is disappointed that Hyuse was able to dodge his Senkū attack. Ōji surmises that Hyuse managed to make a sneak attack on Ikoma when feigning pursuit of Ninomiya. With the destruction of Ikoma Squad, the battle was split into two: Yuba versus Ninomiya Squad and Yūma and Obishima. After the defeat of the two Yuba Squad members, Ninomiya Squad feigned pursuing Chika to launch a sneak attack on Osamu.

The commentators note that Chika could have initially shot Inukai using Ibis instead of Lead Bullet, inflicting major damage on Inukai and Ninomiya. They conclude that Chika's killing shot on Tsuji was likely a spur of the moment decision.

With the conclusion of the final top group rank war, Tamakoma Second is now number 2 in the rankings but Yuba Squad's final ranking depends on the last middle group match.

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