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This is about the Chapter. For other uses, see Tamakoma Second (disambiguation).

Tamakoma Second 5 ((たま)(こま) (だい)()Tamakoma Dai-ni 5 ?) is Chapter 90 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short Summary[]

Yūma and Arafune Squad battle each other, although Suwa Squad interferes.

Long Summary[]

Arafune battles Yūma with his Kogetsu. Midorikawa reveals that until 8 months prior, Arafune was quite well-known for his prowess with it. As the battle between the two rages on, Arafune seems to have the advantage, since Hokari was there to support him. However, Sasamori approaches to mark him. Azuma explains that this is what Tamakoma Second wanted, a split-up of Suwa Unit and a mark of Arafune Unit. Midorikawa affirms that Yūma would win the fight since Arafune was a sniper. Azuma also reveals Osamu's strategy; to increase pressure by being a threat. Hokari changes his strategy at the last second and shoots at Yūma, injuring him, but gets cut down by Sasamori and uses Bail Out. Yūma tricks Arafune into thinking that he would use Grasshopper to escape, widening the gap between the latter's legs and arms. He uses the gap to slice Arafune's legs. Suwa attacks Yūma, and Osamu warns him of Sasamori, who was approaching him with Chameleon. Yūma prepares for an attack, but is surprised to find himself held by Sasamori, whom he has now impaled with Scorpion, to make him an easy target for Suwa.

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