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This is about the volume. For other uses, see Tamakoma Second (disambiguation).

Tamakoma Second 5 (玉狛第2 5 Tamakoma Daini ➄ ?) is volume 20 of the World Trigger Manga.


With the final matches of the B-Rank Wars coming up, Tamakoma-2 gets its chance to go up against Suzunari-1, Azuma Squad and Kageura Squad again. This time is different--Hyuse is an official member of Tamakoma-2 and ready to shake up the competition. But Suzunari-1 has a trick up their sleeve when Taichi suddenly cuts the lights in the arena, causing a total blackout.

Cover Characters[]

Front Cover

Back Cover


  1. Tamakoma Second 23 (玉狛第二 ㉓, Tamakoma Daini 23?)
  2. Hyuse 5 (ヒュース ➄, Hyūsu 5?)
  3. Hyuse 6 (ヒュース ➅, Hyūsu 6?)
  4. Azuma Squad (東隊, Azuma-tai?)
  5. Azuma Squad 2 (東隊 ②, Azuma-tai 2?)
  6. Hyuse 7 (ヒュース ⑦, Hyūsu 7?)
  7. Eizō Netsuki (根付 栄蔵, Netsuki Eizō?)
  8. Osamu Mikumo 17 (三雲修 ⑰, Mikumo Osamu 17?)
  9. Ninomiya Squad (二宮隊, Ninomiya-tai?)

Author's Notes[]

"When planning the series, I was thinking the B-Rank Wars would end here in volume 20, but clearly that's not even close to being the case. That's just how it is with these long-running series.

Here it is! Volume 20 of World Trigger."

Story Arc[]