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Tamakoma Second 7 ((たま)(こま) (だい)()Tamakoma Dai-ni 7 ?) is Chapter 103 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short Summary[]

The battle between Nasu Squad, Suzunari First and Tamakoma Second is discussed among the squads that participated as well as the commentators, and other A-Rank and B-Rank agents.

Long Summary[]

Nasu mourns her team's loss but is comforted by her comrades. Kuruma is cheered on by Betsuyaku, and Tamakoma Second is pleased by their victory. While doing a post-battle analysis, Tachikawa notes that his predictions were far wrong, meaning his contrast to Azuma as a joke. He explains that the battle's turning point was when the bridge was destroyed. Despite the fact that two members of Nasu Squad were taken down, they managed to stall for long enough that the tide of the battle changed and Nasu was able to take down 3 other combatants. During Yūma's battle with Murakami, the latter most likely got distracted by his comrade's defeat as well as Yūma's taunts which led to him being caught in a trap and eventually taken down. As for Nasu's side, Osamu's strategy was to drain Nasu of all her Trion. He also manipulated the landscape of the battle zone. Overall, it was the splitting of teams that caused them to lose, but at the same time, so their individual abilities.

In the backstage, Izumi comments to Ninomiya that Osamu had a pretty good strategy, though Ninomiya disagrees. He said that Osamu and Chika couldn't do anything on their own, and they just lucked out, criticizing Tachikawa's comment on them. He argues that they were just purely strategical and had no true strength or raw power, just the necessary skills to win.

Osamu internally expresses disappointment over his loss and inability to fight very much. He then receives a text message from Usami, who notifies him that Tamakoma Second is now B-Rank #6 and that they would be fighting Ninomiya Squad, Kageura Squad, and Azuma Squad on February 15.

Characters in order of appearance[]

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