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Tamakoma Second 8 ((たま)(こま) (だい)()Tamakoma Dai-ni 8 ?) is Chapter 104 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short Summary[]

Yūma and Osamu accompany Hyuse as he is interrogated by the upper echelons at HQ. Afterwards Osamu, Yūma, and Kikuchihara go to the laboratory, on the way there Kikuchihara reprimands Osamu for how they fight with Kinuta venting over a deal, then they all meet a familiar face

Long Summary[]

Tamakoma Second celebrates their Top Group status thanks to their victory in the recent Rank War at Tamakoma Branch. Their next Rank War was to take place 6 days later as every other Wednesday is a break. Director Rindō enters, asking for Yūma to help him with something at HQ. Yūma goes with him, and Osamu asks to come along so he accompanies them. Hyuse is in Director Rindō's car, and it is revealed that he will be interrogated at HQ. Hyuse displays visible anger, referring to Osamu as an amateur due to Director Rindō noting that Hyuse thought of the same flooding strategy during the last match, however Director Rindō adds on how he doesn't have to look out for Tamakoma and answer the questions however he wants to and Hyuse says he wouldn't want it any other way.

At HQ, Hyuse refuses to answer any questions related to Aftokrator, angering Kinuta. Shinoda reprimands him, asking Yūma to explain how interrogations happened in the Neighborhood. Yūma explains that a single source of information is unreliable when it comes to torture since they would often give false information just to end the pain. The key to getting accurate information was to find information from multiple sources and compare them all, adding that torture is mostly out of spite and says he won't stop border if they tried due to the damage they caused. Kido understands that the information isn't trustworthy, but asks Yūma if he could separate the truth from lies and Yūma asks if that is why he was called and Kido claims that he was only confirming and to not take any offense. Shinoda makes it known that he bore no ill-will against Hyuse, but informed him of the implications that Mira had planned to murder Enedra from the very beginning, even claiming that they audio and visual proof while Hyrein had planned to abandon Hyuse. So in the end Aftokrator abandoned him so there wouldn't be any reason to still remain loyal but Hyuse gets angry and verbally retaliates starting off by saying that they shouldn't underestimate him then claims that anyone going on an away mission must be prepared to die. Kikuchihara notices that Enedra's death caused his heart rate to alter slightly but there were no other chnages. He communicates this to Kido via his shared auditory information, and the interrogation ends. Kido thanks Director Rindō and tells him to take Hyuse away but Yūma, Osamu, Kikuchihara, has to go to the laboratory to help Kinuta out, on the way there, Kikuchihara reprimands Osamu for how he has been fighting in the last few rounds after that Osamu overheard Kinuta ranting over an exchange: leave Hyuse with tamakoma inexchange for Yūma's help. After the group gets to the laboratory, a Black Rad is powered up with trion, to reveal that it has Enedra's persona.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Characters in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.

Triggers in Order of Appearance[]

Magazine-Tankōbon Differences[]

  • In the magazine, this was erroneously released as Tamakoma Branch 7 ((たま)(こま)()(), Tamakoma-shibu 7?), but it was corrected in volume 12.


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