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Tamakoma Second 8 (玉駒第2⑧ Tamakoma Daini 8?) is chapter 104 of the World Trigger manga.

Short Summary[]

Yūma and Osamu accompany Hyuse as he is interrogated by the upper echelons at HQ.

Long Summary[]

Tamakoma Second celebrates their victory in the recent Rank Battle at Tamakoma Branch. Their next Rank Battle was to take place 6 days later. Rindō enters, asking for Yūma to help him with something at HQ. Yūma goes with him, and Osamu accompanies them. Hyuse is in Rindō's car, and it is revealed that he will be interrogated at HQ. Hyuse displays visible anger, referring to Osamu as a brat. Rindō notes that Hyuse and Osamu had the flooding strategy in mind in the Rank Battle.

At HQ, Hyuse refuses to answer any questions, angering Kinuta. Shinoda chides him, asking Yūma to explain how interrogations happened in the Neighborhood. Yūma explains that a single source of information is unreliable, especially if the source was tortured, since they would often give false information just to end the pain. The key to getting accurate information was to find information from multiple sources. Shinoda makes it known that he bore no ill-will against Hyuse, but informed him of the implications that Mira had planned to murder Enedra from the very beginning, and Hairein had planned to abandon Hyuse. Kikuchihara notices that the first statement causes his heart rate to alter slightly. He communicates this to Kido via his shared auditory information, and the interrogation is ended. Yūma, Osamu, Kikuchihara, and Kinuta go to the laboratory, where a Black Rad is powered up, to reveal that it has Enedra's persona.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Characters in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.

Triggers in Order of Appearance[]

Magazine-Tankōbon Differences[]

  • In the magazine, this was erroneously released as Tamakoma Branch 7 (玉駒支部⑦ Tamakoma-shibu 7?), but it was corrected in volume 12.


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