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Tamakoma Second vs. Kageura Squad vs. Azuma Squad vs. Suzunari First is a four way Rank War that took place during Round 7, between Tamakoma Second, Kageura Squad, Azuma Squad and Suzunari First.


Tōma claims that Chika can infact shoot people afterwards Osamu talks about how Suzunari First has gotten stronger and might of figured out a counter to the wire strategy.

Osamu then asks Usami on if he should add a new trigger to which she says there is not much point as his trigger is maxed out thanks to his low trion, Yuma could pick one up but he feels like a new trigger would make him screw up and Tamakoma-2 now has Hyuse.

Later that day Osamu is shown to be uneasy, but isn't sure what the cause is. All the Squads for this Round are shown to be preparing until March 1st the day the round begins.

Before the Round starts Tamakoma is talking to Hyuse and asking if he is nervous due to being his debut match, however he shrugs it off and claims that they will win, Jin then asks Osamu what's up to which he confesses to his nervousness to which Jin tells him to not waiver



  • Tamakoma scores 6 points, Azuma and Kageura squad both earn 2 while Suzunari earns 1.
    • Tamakoma now ties with Kageura squad but due to the rules Tamakoma is 3rd place while Kageura is 2nd still, however Suzunari's place doesn't change while Azuma squad moved up to 5th.


  • This is the only match of the B-Rank Wars Arc where Tamakoma Second only fights Squads they already faced in previous Rank Wars.