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Tamakoma Second vs. Kageura Squad vs. Azuma Squad vs. Suzunari First
Round 7 Rank Battle.png
Rank B
Group Top
Round 7
Division Day
Date March 1
Battle Coverage
Play-by-play Karin Yuitsuka
Commentary Jun Arashiyama
Sumiharu Inukai
Squad Points Survival Total
Tamakoma Second 4 2 6
Kageura Squad 2 0 2
Azuma Squad 2 0 2
Suzunari First 1 0 1
Previous Tamakoma Second vs. Ōji Squad vs. Ikoma Squad
Next Tamakoma Second vs. Ninomiya Squad vs. Ikoma Squad vs. Yuba Squad
Chapter(s) 166-175

Tamakoma Second vs. Kageura Squad vs. Azuma Squad vs. Suzunari First is a four way Rank War that took place during Round 7, between Tamakoma Second, Kageura Squad, Azuma Squad and Suzunari First.


Tōma claims that Chika can infact shoot people afterwards Osamu talks about how Suzunari First has gotten stronger and might of figured out a counter to the wire strategy.

Osamu then asks Usami on if he should add a new trigger to which she says there is not much point as his trigger is maxed out thanks to his low trion, Yuma could pick one up but he feels like a new trigger would make him screw up and Tamakoma-2 now has Hyuse.

Later that day Osamu is shown to be uneasy, but isn't sure what the cause is. All the Squads for this Round are shown to be preparing until March 1st the day the round begins.

Before the Round starts Tamakoma is talking to Hyuse and asking if he is nervous due to being his debut match, however he shrugs it off and claims that they will win, Jin then asks Osamu what's up to which he confesses to his nervousness to which Jin tells him to not waiver


The battle begins with each Squad's sniper and Osamu all turning on Bagworm with Chika, Murakami, and Kitazoe all being spawned inside.

Yuitsuka begs the question of whether or not Suzunari will enter the mall, which Inukai tacks on how the mall is probably the anti-sniper measure afterwards Yuitsuka asks if setting the time to night is another measure which Arashiyama comments on saying the operators can counter that measure as they can turn on night vision and give visual support on top of that, all the snipers are experienced. However the operators would have to turn on and off the night vision between the dark and well-lit areas which would be more work on their part.

Cut to Usami telling Osamu that the other squads are moving to the mall and asking him whether or not Chika should move outside. Yuma then launches himself onto the mall's roof while Hyuse is moving on the ground at the same time, Osamu is telling the two to prioritize their meetup and can ignore any enemies they meet.

Kageura then goes to the bridge by making a Scorpion grappling hook, then pulling himself in. Afterwards he asks Kitazoe which floor he is on, He replies with on the 4th floor and moving up upwards, but mentions that a loner on a lower floor is coming to him tacking on how it might be Yūma or Murakami and how he is quaking in his boots. After Kageura tells him to stop chickening out. Kitazoe then asks Ema if he is coming to the roof as well which he says to start without him due to him running to get inside.

The solo person on the lower floor ended up being Murakami and so Kitazoe fires asteroid at him but Murakami dodges by stepping back and tells Kuruma mentioning that Kageura is probably at the top then back to Kitazoe saying he is going to bait Murakami. Cut to Kuruma saying anyone but Kageura then asks Taichi how he is doing. Taichi responds with how he is getting there and to wait a minute afterwards Kuruma tells Murakami that they will take on Kageura Squad.

The commenters then talk about how everyone is going towards the mall and ponders if that is Suzunari's Plan then mentions that Taichi is still on the first floor afterwards Okudera decides to mess with the operators by turning on and off bagworm. Murakami and Kuruma + Kitazoe and Kageura meet up and start a firefight on the 6th floor. Osamu hears the firefight and starts speeding up however he accidentally finds Okudera due to his bagworm stunt so the two start fighting while at the same time Murakami pulls out a Black Kogetsu.

A Flashback happens at the Suzunari Branch HQ talking about how they need a new strategy as they are working fine against the top B-rank group they found themselves outclassed in the last match.

They then mention that their new formation that focuses more on ranged attacks will be met with resistance eventually, so they need a new strategy so they would have the advantage compared to other Squads.

Taichi then suggests that they should poison the other Squads' operators (presumably with Kako's food) to which Kon says that could work but it is too messed up.

Kon then mentions that Suzunari can choose the map for the next make so they should make use of the environment, Kuruma then comments on this saying that yes, they should but the two squads they are facing have similar team builds so it would be tough, but Taichi chips in saying he has something he has been itching to try.

Kageura squad is fighting smart for once as they went inside a small restaurant inside the mall which allows Kageura to use Mantis but due to the small space Kuruma can't use his Full Attack Hound.

With Kuruma's permission, Taichi sets his plan into action, he flips the light switch, then Kon turns on Visual Support allowing Suzunari to see, but not Kageura Squad combine that with Murakami's Black Kogetsu, The Kageura-Kitazoe duo can't see the blade and are pushed back.

Hikari finally turns on Visual Support which made Kageura think they are on even ground again however Taichi and Kon do the reverse by turning off the lights making it so that Kageura and Kitazoe stuns the duo which allowed Murakami to almost hit Kageura's Trion Gland.

Kitazoe then asks Ema if he has a clear shot on Taichi, Ema replies with a definitive no and mentions how he is hiding under the radar, so Hikari then sends the coordinates to the Fusebox. Ema then takes the shot with Ibis but fails as Taichi planned ahead and placed a dual escudo which blocked Ema's Ibis.

Due to Taichi, Kitazoe shoots the lights so Suzunari lost their advantage in that room however, Murakami mentions that he would like to take down Kageura while they are still there. Yuitsuka then ponders about the duo's next move, Inukai mentions that Kitazoe would normally use Meteor and bust their way out, but due to Azuma using Bagworm they think he is still outside and are worried that they will be sniped when they go out.

Osamu, now missing an arm, is thinking about how the light trick almost killed him if not for Usami and that he needs to do something about the lights.

Kon warns Taichi that someone who just activated Bagworm is coming for him, He then tries crawling away only to be caught by a Double Escudo made by Hyuse who is with Yūma.

Taichi bails out with Tamakoma getting the first point, Hyuse and Yuma having met up, they go to the center of the mall. Hyuse summons a escudo below them to launch them at the same time Azuma spots them and tells his teammates to watch out for the two. Yuma then uses grasshopper to throw the duo towards the Kageura vs Suzunari Duo fight with them turning off bagworm.

A small stalemate happens due to how any clumsy attack will be punished by another team as commented by Inukai. another reason for the stalemate is how Kageura has major trion loss while Hyuse's trigger set is unknown for the most part so the other teams could be bidding their time so that they could learn his set. Yuitsuka comments that he heavily used Kogetsu during enlistment day, Inukai replies with how people are saying his skills are nothing to laugh at with Arashiyama asking if they should assume Hyuse is an Attacker to which Inukai says to not assume anything yet.

Hyuse asks Osamu about his situation and if he is coming up. Osamu replies with how Okudera and Koarai as well as Ema are with him, Ema wonders if he could attack the people up top as he can't get close without risking a bail out while the Azuma duo thinks about how they should take out Ema with a pincer attack.

Kuruma comments on how Tamakoma is desperate to go on the away mission so they would want to take out Kageura for his points, so when Tamakoma makes a move they will attack. Yuitsuka comments on how there are 3 duos on the 6th floor and asks herself whether or not they will wait for their allies or will they attack. Kageura tells Kitazoe that Tamakoma is coming afterwards Hyuse tells Yuma to proceed to which Hyuse summons multiple escudo to block off Kitazoe and Suzunari but keep Kageura in, which Arashiyama comments that the 2v2v2 turned into a 2v1.

Hyuse puts his hand on his Kogetsu to which Kageura questions it as his Side Effect shows there is more than that Kogetsu revealing the giant "Asteroid" cube Hyuse summoned, the commentators reply saying it is huge while Kageura puts up his Full Guard with Suzunari being able to see the huge cube but nothing else. Kageura questions if Hyuse is using the bullets to blind him, immediately afterwards his Side Effect tells his a slice for his neck is coming which was Hyuse doing a diagonal slash at Kageura's neck while at the same time Yuma tried to slice off Kageura's leg.

Kageura blocks Yuma's Scorpion with his own then pulls off a complex technique using Mantis which cuts off Yuma's arm and scratches Hyuse's left arm. Kageura taunts them by saying their double team attempt failed to which Hyuse responds with "not exactly" as the rest of his "Asteroid" fires and hits Kageura. Arashiyama comments that he delayed his attack by holding back half of his bullets which simulated a three way attack.

One of the commentators(presumably Yuitsuka) says Hyuse's advantage is his unknown style to which he used to his benefit in this fight. Osamu ponders as Yuma and Hyuse has trapped Kageura while Suzunari is over there but Hyuse isn't curving the bullets. Inukai comments on how Kageura is finished as he is missing a leg and has already lost a lot Trion, Kageura's coms warning him off critical trion loss to which he says "dammit".

Hyuse and Yuma double team Kageura while he is on the verge of Bail Out but Kitazoe breaks through escudo by kicking it then does a scattershot at the Tamakoma duo but they both block it.

Osamu catches up and thinks about how Kitazoe caught up to Kageura. Hyuse then traps Kitazoe inside a escudo barrier afterwards Yuma jumps inside of it, Kitazoe does after scattershot and summons his grenade launcher but Yuma dodges the scattershot with grasshopper then kills Kitazoe but he uses meteor as his final act in hopes of killing Yuma but he uses a full guard and escapes unscathed.

Hyuse then sends a "Asteroid" towards Kageura but he rolls away and escapes to a lower floor before bailing out from trion loss but the point goes to Murakami as his slash did the most damage but Inukai comments on how he has never seen Kageura run like that before and questions on if he wanted to prevent Tamakoma from scoring that badly and Arashiyama comments that Kitazoe's meteor was made to let Kageura escape.

Hyuse comments on how the situation was similar to Round 3 Nasu Bail Out where another combatant did the most damage but Yuma tells him to not mind it. Yuitsuka says the same thing and how they easily outmaneuvered the Kageura duo and will now take the fight to Suzunari.

Kuruma wants Murakami to stay close as they could be separated by Escudo. Murakami comments on how he saw Hyuse's delayed "Asteroid" which would make Hyuse an All-Rounder when it comes to fighting but isn't his actual position; so it would be better to keep their distance and have Murakami tank the "Asteroids".

Kuruma and Murakami keep using their new formation which was able to hold back Kageura earlier and does the same with Tamakoma. Hyuse summons Viper again and Osamu thinks that he will use Viper's Bending properties to take out Murakami but continues to act like he is using Asteroid. Yuitsuka comments on how Hyuse is skilled with Shooter Triggers so he might be evenly matched with Kuruma.

Osamu questions Hyuse on his decision and asks why Viper aren't curving to which Hyuse says he changed the plan to his own plan and Osamu trusts Hyuse's unknown plan and asks Hyuse what to do next to which he says to take Kuruma from behind while he and Yuma take on Murakami.

Ema while using Radar thinks to himself on he could shoot someone on the upper levels if they sit still long enough as well as hoping to kill one of Tamakoma's combatants but he might not have the luxury. Koarai and Okudera know Ema's approximate location and get ready to jump him.

Hyuse summons a 3rd round of escudo in attempt to get close the gap but Kuruma warns Murakami that they are coming and he replies that he is ready to counter them.

The onslaught from Suzunari First ensues. Murakami's Senkū coupled with Kuruma's support prove to be a formidable force; in no time, Hyuse's defenses are chipping away. Without an offensive outlet, their stability (and their ranking) will only last so long against Murakami's iron wall. If Tamakoma is to gain the upper hand, they must play the 'strength-in-numbers' game once more.

Osamu may be their only hope. But timing will be crucial.

It looks as though Tamakoma is only losing ground — until Hyuse feints Escudo, with Yūma sending his teammate flying toward the startled combatants on a Grasshopper, rapidly closing distance. As the two Kogetsu users clash, Hyuse manifests an Escudo from his opponent's back, causing Kuruma to fly backwards. It is at this moment Osamu shows himself, a flurry of bullets catching Kuruma off-guard. He rushes in for the kill, but Murakami is quicker — flinging Thruster straight into Osamu's now-shattered Raygust.

The #4 Attacker has other urgent matters, though. While he stares down Hyuse, Yūma pounces from behind. What will the course of action be...?

"Kogetsu... Senkū."

In one fell swoop, Murakami tosses the sword behind him, activates the technique, catches the handle, and swiftly brings it up above his head, slicing Yūma's arm off in the process. As the blade draws nearer toward its final destination, Yūma, still in the air, kicks off of the mounted Escudo. Murakami stumbles forward, Senkū's path barely missing Hyuse's head. The latter wastes no time in finishing him off.

But the chaos doesn't stop there! Ema fires his Ibis, obliterating the last member from Suzunari First. Osamu takes a near fatal blow shortly after. Soon enough, Azuma Squad's Attacker duo begins closing in on the perpetrator, who makes a beeline for the atrium. Narrowly escaping their slashes, he smashes through the guardrail, but falls victim to Azuma waiting below.

Azuma Squad is virtually unscathed, while Tamakoma Second must confront their battered teammate. Only two squads are left.

Ema is annoyed at his death while Kitazoe praises his ceiling shot meanwhile thanks to Azuma Squad's kill which used one of their favorite moves so now there is a 3 way tie for 2nd all with 1 point each vs. Tamakoma's 4 points.

Now on the 6th floor, Osamu now missing his right leg is on the verge of bail out which would give Kageura Squad another point which would make their goal even harder, the commentators talk about Osamu's options to avoid giving Kageura Squad the point which is zero-to-none however Tamakoma could still reach 2nd by killing the last two Azuma Squad combatants and get the survival points. The issue of Azuma arises as Azuma has only bailed out once which was during his Round 2 match with Ōji Squad, Katori Squad and Yuba Squad all focused fired on him on top of Tamakoma would have to do that before Osamu bails out.

Shortly after saying that would be impossible, Osamu bails out.


  • Tamakoma scores 6 points, Azuma and Kageura squad both earn 2 while Suzunari earns 1
    • Tamakoma now ties with Kageura squad but due to the rules Tamakoma is 3rd place while Kageura is 2nd still however Suzunari's place doesn't change while Azuma squad moved up to 5th


  • This is the only match of the B-Rank Wars Arc where Tamakoma Second only fights Squads they already faced in previous Rank Wars.