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Yōko Katori about Osamu and Yūma in Yōko Katori. [1]

Tamakoma Second vs. Katori Unit vs. Kakizaki Unit
Tomoe bails out (141)
Rank B
Group Middle
Round 5
Date February 19
Battle Coverage
Play-by-play Sakurako Taketomi
Commentary Kōhei Izumi, Mitsuru Tokieda
Unit Points Survival Total
Tamakoma Second 5 2 7
Katori Unit 1 - 1
Kakizaki Unit 1 - 1
Previous Galopoula's Invasion
Next Tamakoma Second vs. Ōji Unit vs. Ikoma Unit
Chapter(s) 136-146

Tamakoma Second vs. Katori Unit vs. Kakizaki Unit is a 1x2 Rank Battle that took place in Round 5, between Tamakoma Second, Katori Unit and Kakizaki Unit.


Osamu acquired a new Trigger, Spider, in order to make more effective use of his tactical skills. As a way to mitigate Chika's aversion to shooting, Ema shows her the hypothetical Lead Bullet Lightning, an amalgamation of the Lead Bullet's heavyweights and the Lightning's speed. Right before the Rank Battle, Katori Unit is assigned to patrol duty, during which Katori insults both Tamakoma Second and Kakizaki Unit. Katori gets into a heated argument with her teammate Wakamura regarding her attitude towards Rank Battles and work in general.


Yūma is approached by Katori, and they begin a scuffle. Kakizaki Unit regroups and heads cautiously towards the other teams.


Tamakoma Second's overwhelming victory raised it back into the upper group, at #4.


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