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Don't get me wrong, I love battles with emotion. But, if you attribute the result of the battle to emotions, you could as well say the loser just didn't want enough.

Kei Tachikawa, in Tamakoma Second.[1]

Tamakoma Second vs. Suzunari First vs. Nasu Unit
Yuma x Kou x Kuma.gif
Rank B
Group Middle
Round 3
Date February 8
Battle Coverage
Play-by-play Kaho Mikami
Commentary Kei Tachikawa, Yūichi Jin
Unit Points Survival Total
Tamakoma Second 2 2 4
Nasu Unit 3 - 3
Suzunari First 2 - 2
Previous Tamakoma Second vs. Suwa Unit vs. Arafune Unit
Next Tamakoma Second vs. Ninomiya Unit vs. Kageura Unit vs. Azuma Unit
Chapter(s) 95-102
Episode(s) 43-47

Tamakoma Second vs. Suzunari First vs. Nasu Unit is a 1x2 Rank Battle that took place in Round 3, between Tamakoma Second, Suzunari First and Nasu Unit.


Tamakoma Second's victory in Round 2 moved it further up in the rankings. Yūma was defeated in a Rank Battle for the first time by Suzunari First's Kō Murakami (No. 4 Attacker in Border). Additionally, this was to be one of Nasu Unit's final Rank Battles before Hiura left, which made it more significant for the members.


The stage is the riverside one, in stormy weather. The map is composed of two segments of a city divided by water and connected only by one bridge. This is most likely to subdue Chika's Sniping abilities. None of the teams have all members on the same piece of land, making the bridge a central location. Nasu Unit's strategy hinges on them being able to group at the bridge before the other teams. However, this is quickly interrupted when Chika blows up the bridge. Unable to regroup, Nasu decides to clear her side herself, while Kumagai is approached by Murakami. She puts up a fierce fight, but is unable to keep up and Bails Out. Hiura attempts to shoot Yūma, but she misses, inadvertently giving her position away, and Yūma cuts her down. Yūma and Murakami are the only ones remaining and begin their fight. It seems to be an even battle, but slowly tipping in favor of Murakami. Seeing that using old techniques is useless against the latter, Yūma has Murakami step onto a Grasshopper to launch him into the river, where Yūma stabs him and defeats him, but is now stuck in the river.

Meanwhile, Nasu begins to barrage the opponents on her side, and manages to take out Betsuyaku and cripple Kuruma. She gets locked into a fight with him. Osamu has Chika break the dam, releasing the river water into the city. This bogs down Nasu, who has been relying on her maneuverability. Nasu manages to defeat Kuruma with Tomahawk, but before he Bails Out, he shoots Hound bullets. The bullets hit Nasu, severing her arm. Osamu uses this moment to try and claim a point by defeating Nasu. The attack is in vain as Nasu purposely had several Tomahawk bullets miss Kuruma so that they could be used against Osamu. Osamu Bails Out, but Yūma approaches, having survived the river. With significant Trion loss, Nasu is forced to Bail Out, giving Tamakoma Second its third victory.


Tamakoma Second's third consecutive victory moved it up into the upper group.



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