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Ah... I don't think that there'll be any problem.

Osamu Mikumo, about the outcome of the match.[1]

Tamakoma Second vs. Yoshizato Squad vs. Mamiya Squad is a three way Rank War that took place in Round 1, between Tamakoma Second, Yoshizato Squad and Mamiya Squad.


Tamakoma Second was formed with Osamu Mikumo as captain and put in B-Rank, in last place which would be #21 this season. This would be their first Rank War but as Osamu was still healing from his wounds, he didn't participate in the battle and instead watched as a commentator.


Taketomi starts off by introducing herself, then the commenters, Satori and Osamu. Afterwards Satori explains the point system of rank wars where it is 1 point per kill and 2 survival points for the squad that survives and that the top 2 Squads can challenge the A-rank teams for a chance to become one also that squads from last season gets bonus points to start out.

The Squads Then drop in, The crowd then comments on Tamakoma second, asking if they are Grade Schoolers? and wondering how they made it to B-rank. Taketomi then asks Osamu what they would do about the numbers disadvantage to which Osamu said they will be fine.

Yuma then slices Yoshizato's head slice off, leaps forward with a backflip while at the same time slices Hidetaka's head off while Hanao's neck was mostly cut off.

Taketomi comments that Yuma showed off moves that didn't belong to B-rankers and that Yoshizato Squad bailed out so what will Mamiya Squad do.

Mamiya then comments that Yuma defeated Midorikawa so Mitsuya says that they shouldn't face him headon. Taketomi then comments that Mamiya Squad is not moving, Satori then clarifies that they are hiding out so that they can use their special attack, Hound Storm, Where the 3 combatants(who are all shooters) use a full attack Hound on their opponent. Usami then tells Chika to shot at the building Mamiya Squad is in with Ibis. Yuma ran towards them and bisects Mitsuya and Minoru while slicing Mamiya's neck clean off.


With their first victory, Tamakoma-2 is immediately sent to the middle group.