Ikoma leads a unit named after him that is the current No.03 in B-Class, and is a stable long term member of the upper B-Class group.[1] Furthermore he is one of the candidates for Fūjin. Individually, despite having been beaten by Jin in the past,[2] Ikoma is a highly skilfull Attacker, noted to be one of top Kogetsu users in Border. As a testament of his power, he holds the title of No.06 Attacker.[3] In particular, he is regarded as the best in Border with Senkū, due to his unique range and dexterity.[4] He has been taught the basics of iai by his grandfather.[5] His reactions and coordination are good enough to allow him to intercept a frontal Lightning shot.[6] He managed to defeat an injured Yūma,[7] although the two were evenly matched earlier on when Ikoma had Mizukami's support.[8] Ikoma was capable of anticipating and countering Yūma's evasion tactic with Grasshopper after seeing it only once, which earned him the praise of his opponent.[7]


Tatsuhito Ikoma's Triggers
Type: White trion Normal Kogetsu
Ikoma kogetsu
Classification: AT Attacker
Ikoma is a top level Kogetsu user, managing to reach the No.06 Attacker rank with it. He was able to hold his own against Yūma in a swordfight,[6] although he had to retreat when the latter started using Osamu's wires.[9] Ikoma can wield Kogetsu with either one or two hands. He uses the second grip when he wants to defend.[9] His fighting style appears to focus on using it alongside the Optional Trigger Senkū to take out the opponent the instant they become vulnerable,[10] to the point it's become a habit.[11]

Type: White trion Normal Senkū

Mizukami Asteroid

Senkū (Ikoma)

Ikoma was described by Jin as the most skilled Senkū user in Border.[4] The reason is that he can make extremely long-reaching attacks through a very short effect duration.[12] When he uses the regular activation time of 1 second, he is capable of performing two slashes,[13] a feat equaled by Kei Tachikawa[14] and surpassed solely by Masafumi Shinoda[15] with a standard Kogetsu.

Ikoma Senkū (生駒旋空(いこませんくう) Ikoma Senkū?): By activating Senkū for a mere 0.2 seconds,[16] Ikoma can extend the reach of his Kogetsu up to 40 meters instead of the usual 15.[12] This complex technique, which requires him to draw and swing his sword extremely quickly while synchronizing the slash with the activation of Senkū,[12] makes him the Attacker with the longest range[12] and is named Ikoma Senkū after the only person in Border capable of using it.[16]