He hails from Kyōto. He was taught iaidō by his grandfather, though he mastered it by looking in at a camera.[1]

Border Enlistment ArcEdit

Ikoma is mentioned to be one of the eight candidates for Fūjin by Jin.

B-Rank Rank Battles ArcEdit

Ikoma Unit is pitted against Ōji Unit and Tamakoma Second in Round 6. Jin warns Osamu that Ikoma is the best Senkū user in Border. Ikoma, along with the rest of his team, is very impressed by Tamakoma Second's feats in the Rank Battles. However, in spite of this, he and his team fool around by teasing Hosoi as well as talking about cute girls and the new cafeteria menu.[2][3]

In the Rank Battle, he becomes concerned after Minamisawa is defeated by Kashio, and decides to challenge Ōji Unit himself. He is unable to hurt either Yūma or Ōji with his rapid Senkū attacks. After Kurauchi's Bail Out and Ōji Unit's subsequent retreat, he and Mizukami team up against Yūma.