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This page is about the chapter. For other uses, see Tatsuhito Ikoma (disambiguation).

Tatsuhito Ikoma (生駒個人 Ikoma Tatsuhito?) is chapter 153 of the World Trigger manga.

Short Summary[]

With his foes engaged in battle, Osamu decides to head west; however, Ōji Squad is still in hot pursuit. Yūma defends Osamu from his attackers as Ikoma enters the scene.

Long Summary[]

Minamisawa and Kashio begin a fight while Osamu hides in the background, considering his options; wait for Yūma, go north to meet up with Yūma, go southwest where no one else is at, or head west towards Ikoma Squad. After evaluating his options, he picks the fourth option, hoping that Ōji Squad and Ikoma Squad will fight each other while searching for him. Coincidentally, Ōji predicts he will head north or west but says west as it would be like him, Kurauchi asks Ōji if they are ready for Ikoma squad but the duo decide to pursue Osamu after regrouping with Kashio keeping inmind that Osamu may go north.

Kashio and Minamisawa are locked in a roughly even battle. Kashio finds the battle difficult because of Osamu's wires, which serve as an obstruction. However, Minamisawa unknowingly wanders into Kurauchi's firing range, allowing him to launch a powerful Salamander attack. While Minamisawa is able to withstand the attack, the effect of the explosion left him occupied. Kashio uses this opportunity to engage Minamisawa in close combat and pierces him with Hound, forcing him to Bail Out, earning one point for Ōji Squad. Ikoma expresses concern over losing a member because it affects the team's fighting style. Yūma suddenly ambushes Kashio, managing to cut off his arm. Kashio's teammates arrive to support him; in response, Chika shoots Kurauchi in the leg with Lead Bullet. Doing so hobbled Ōji Squad's advantage of having three mobile members even after Ōji cuts off Kurauchi's leg. Ōji Squad tries to run away but Yūma stops them. Ōji ponders whether they should take down Yūma or send Kashio after Osamu, but Ikoma appears, bringing a new element into the battle.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Characters in italics are seen only briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.

Triggers in Order of Appearance[]


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