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This page is about the Chapter. For other uses, see Tatsuhito Ikoma (disambiguation).

Tatsuhito Ikoma 2 (()(こま) (たつ)(ひと)Ikoma Tatsuhito 2 ?) is Chapter 154 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short Summary[]

Round 6 of Rank Wars continues as fierce battle rages between Tamakoma Second, Ikoma Squad and Ōji Squad.

Long Summary[]

Ikoma uses his signature Senkū ends up not doing anything, so he launches another attack, but the result is the same. Kunichika explains that Senkū's length is inversely proportionate to its effect duration, so Ikoma has far-reaching attacks lasting one fifth of a second and has a range of 40 meters while most people make it list for a second which gives it a range of 15 meters.

Ōji continues to aim for Yūma, and Ikoma goes after Ōji Squad. Mizukami launches a Hound attack under the guise of Asteroid, only for Ōji to see through the bluff. Oki and Chika shoot at Kurauchi, as he is the easiest to take out. Yūma beheads the weakened Kurauchi, earning Tamakoma Second 1 point. Ōji decides to flee the battle scene, leaving Ikoma Squad to fight Yūma with difficulty. Ōji Squad begins targetting Chika and Oki while Osamu remains in hiding.

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