His teleport destination... is a few dozen meters beyond where he was looking.

Isami Tōma determining where Jun Arashiyama will reappear, in Chapter 30.[1]


Arashiyama Teleport.gif


Kanji テレポーター
Rōmaji Terepōtā
Organization BrDr.png Border
Type White trion.png Normal
Classification Optional.png Optional(Prototype)
- Teleportation up to a few dozen meters
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 29
Anime Episode 15

Teleporter (テレポーター Terepōtā?) is a prototype Optional Trigger.[3]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Teleporter does not have a physical medium. When it is activated, the user's body flickers an instant before disappearing altogether, leaving behind a trace in the location they warped from that disappears moments afterwards.[4] Disappearing and reappearing both make a sound.[5]

Overview[edit | edit source]

Since Teleporter is a prototype approved by HQ,[6] it may have been developed only recently.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Teleporter enables the user to teleport up to a few dozen meters in the direction they were looking at right before activating this Trigger.[7] The effect is virtually instantaneous, fast enough to permit the user to dodge Asteroid bullets after they have been fired.[8]

The trion consumption is determined by the distance travelled,[9] which also affects the length of the cooldown period between uses: a long-distance warp (30 meters or more) will disable this Trigger for a few seconds, whereas a short-distance one (2-3 meters) imposes an interval of about 0.5 seconds.[10]

Aside from dodging, Teleporter has a range of other applications, both offensive and defensive.[7] It can be used to safely play the role of decoy,[11] or to teleport in an enemy's blind spot after tricking them into believing they are in an advantageous position, and then attack them.[3] This tactic aims to turn the tables all at once,[3] and it is particularly powerful in narrow environments such as alleys.[12] Teleporter is not affected by the user's physical condition, so it allows for quick displacement even if they are immobilized, for example by Lead Bullet.[5] However, since the warping occurs in a straight line determined by the user's gaze, experienced fighters can deduce exactly where the user will materialize and shoot them as soon as they do.[1]

Users[edit | edit source]

See also: Teleporter Users

There are 5 known users of this Trigger: Jun Arashiyama,[5] Mitsuru Tokieda,[13] Nozomi Kako,[14] Asumi Amakura[15] and Hanao Tsukimi.[16]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Excluding Triggers utilized by only one agent, Teleporter is the only Border Trigger with more female users than male users.[17]
  • The official English translation of the Question Corner mistakenly added a 0 to the distance of a long warp, stating that Teleporter is capable of warping the user 300 meters[10] instead of 30.

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