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Border Enlistment Arc: Edit

During the introduction talk given by Jun Arashiyama, they scoffed and said falsely that the team was chosen only for their looks and not their abilities. They had extra points that showed they were better then most common c-rank trainees. They proved able to defeat the training dummy in under a minute. They were stunned into silence when Yūma Kuga defeated it in under a second.[1]

Kōda demanded that Yūma do it again, to which Yūma complied. They offered Yūma the chance to join their team, which he turned down flat.[2]

They then staked out the C-class rank battles booth, aiming to take points from foolish people. They were challenged by Yūma  and subsequently defeated in one panel. Yūma proceeded to challenge them several times, garnering points from them.[3]

Large-Scale Invasion Arc: Edit

They reappeared with the other C-Rank trainees directing civilians out, and commentating on how they were removed from the battle. Kōda commented on how he wanted to try fighting, to which the other two expressed their concerns. When a trion soldier did show up however, they managed to dispatch it using a team attack Vizonfnil.[4]

When a Rabbit appeared from the wreckage, they could tell it was dangerous. The three managed to escape from the Rabbit’s blast.[5] They did show appreciation for Kitora’s fast movement. When Kitora beat the Rabbit, they cheered.[6] When Kitora was cubified, they fled.[7]

They followed Osamu and Kyōsuke to where one of Border’s underground entrances lay, but it was blocked. They worried that it was a trap.[8] They were the ones to announce Yūma’s arrival into battle.[9] They are last seen fleeing from Rabbits and their ultimate fate is unknown.[10]

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