Border Enlistment Arc: Edit

Arafune appeared alongside Azuma as one of the instructors of the sniper training.[1]

Large-Scale Invasion Arc: Edit

Under Director Shinoda’s orders, Arafune and his unit started moving to where Azuma waited. However, when they heard that Azuma was under attack, they set themselves up ontop of buildings to fire at Lamvanein , forcing him to halt for a few moments. Lamvanein counter attacked. Arafune leapt off the building, and was the only member of his team to survive.[2] Arafune remained on the move, as Lamvanein carelessly attacked. When A-Rankers Midorikawa Shun , Izumi Kouhei and Yōsuke Yoneya appeared to help fight, he provided his own insight that Egret shots would be blocked by the shield.[3] When Lamvanein was forced into the sky, Arafune and Azuma fired at him. Arafune managed to score a hit,[4] and managed to avoid the first counterattack by leaping off the building. He was hit by a follow-up shot, loosing his right arm. He stated that it was impossible to continue on, but Azuma reassured him that now was the time to continue attacking.

After Lamvanein withdrew, he and Azuma left together to continue the battle further south.[5]

He and his team received the Excellent Service Reward.[6]

B-Rank Rank Battles Arc: Edit

Arafune appears with his teammates discussing the upcoming battle against Tamakoma-2 and Suwa's Unit. He notes that Chika will be particularly easy to track because of her shots, and gives the order to collect all available data on the three while waiting for them to choose a map.[7]

When City C is chosen, he noted that it’s unusual, but plans will go as usual.[8] He arrived behind Team Suwa in the race for the top, and Atsushi Hokari provided a covering shot to allow him to move up. When Chika attacked, he and his team immediately fired on Tamakoma-2, only to be blocked by Osamu.