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The Away Mission Test: Part 12 ((えん)(せい)(せん)(ぱつ)()(けん)Ensei Senpatsu Shiken 12 , lit. Expedition Selection Exam 12?) is chapter 214 of the World Trigger Manga.


Suwa's Squad 7 explores the battle simulation mechanics, participating in several practice games in preparation for the next part of the test.

Long Summary[]

note: the term "unit" refers to the Chibis

Katori is shocked over how the units will have different stats depending on the squad, but Ui mentions that, that fact was mentioned already.

Suwa reviews the rules with the group, the format with being a squad v squad online match using the Units, there will be 3 days of the battle simulations, but that 2 days of special simulations but the special part hasn't been revealed. As they are facing each squad, there will be 10 matches running from 3pm to 7pm which means each match is about 20 minutes, and lastly the point allocation: as the days go on the winning team gets more points as they would presumably get better as the days go on which Suwa commented on that a day 1 loss would be ok but winning it would give them the lead.

They all decided to load up the simulation and check out the stats they were given which slightly differs from the norm, due to this Katori isn't sure what would count as good or bad.

The rules are as follows:

  • both squads move their units at the same time and have 2.5 minutes to decide with the next 15 seconds being how they react.
  • all inputs done during the time limit counts as one turn, this includes the planning and action phase but after 6 turns the match is over.
  • when the match ends and the unit difference is 2 or more the one with the more units wins.
    • however if it two or less then the match is deemed a draw.
  • each unit has a set amount of action tokens, moving one cell takes one token.
    • similarly, attacking, defending and trigger usage will consume different amounts of tokens.

Suwa guesses that faster people get more action tokens and Osamu agrees on this while thinking of yuma. Madoka mentions that there is another part which is about how the fighting works but says it is better to just do a practice round so Oki with bagworm and Osamu team up while Katori and Suwa face off against them.

Madoka explains how the map works: each unit can see only so far and how far they can see is indicated by the glowing panels however any unit not using bagworm is shown on the radar which is located at the top right of the computer.

Immediately Osamu sees two cones labeled main and sub, Madoka explained that it is the range for the users main and sub triggers and when the units are moving, any trigger that gets in range will automatically activate regardless of typing. The cones can also be moved which makes it so you aim for the triggers to work. Madoka also mentions that you can rotate the cone as well as swap triggers after every step which makes it so you have to make the right moves for every step.

Oki asks two questions: Why his cone is long but thin for his sniper trigger, and why does bagworm have a cone, She responds by saying that sniper triggers are just like that and can be used to block off a whole street while for bagworm, she mentions that there is an option to evade an attack which can be used by using bagworm's cone but if an opponent attacks where there is no cone the unit can't do anything to avoid it. Suwa comments on how sniper triggers can't really be used defensively just like in rank wars to which Osamu agrees, with Oki commenting that is too realistic.

Madoka offers to start the practice round but Katori has one more question, wouldn't it be possible to keep missing each other and just end the turn with nothing happening, Madoka searches and says that there is multiple types of movements with the example being homing movement where the unit will automatically go after an enemy unit on the radar which Katori sets all of her movement to that.

-The Practice Round Begins-

Katori and Osamu run forward but Osamu retreats after getting close to her.

Due to Katori's homing movement she gets sniped by Oki's Egret which leads to her bailing out.

Suwa however runs behind Oki and Oki gets shot and is forced to bail out.

-Round Ends in a Draw-

Katori gets mad at Osamu for running away but Osamu mentions how he predicted that Katori would home in on him so he ran.

Oki praises Suwa for his prediction on where he was at while Suwa explains his reasoning of how Oki was probably focused on Katori and there are so many hiding spots.

Suwa then talks about the homing movement and how, while useful is way too easy to predict. Madoka mentions that there is more details about how it works but that was the gist of it and so Suwa asks Osamu how he is feeling with Osamu saying that there is a lot more he could do than he originally thought.

Translation Issue[]

Viz's Translation

With Viz's translation on the right, Madoka claims that you can adjust the range when in the Japanese version She says rotate.

while not exactly an error, the issue with this is, "adjust" could mean you can change the shape of the cones when "rotate" means you can only move it around.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Triggers in Order of Appearance[]

all triggers used are in-game


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