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The Away Mission Test: Part 14 ((えん)(せい)(せん)(ぱつ)()(けん)Ensei Senpatsu Shiken 14 , lit. Expedition Selection Exam 14?) is Chapter 216 of the World Trigger Manga.


Suwa's Squad 7 engages in their first simulation match-up against Mizukami's one-manned Squad 9, resulting in the former's landslide defeat.

Long Summary[]

The match between Squads 9 and 7 begins, with the latter using Turn 1 to position themselves: Oki on the roof, and the rest coming in from his left. For Turn 2, Suwa advises his team to advance gradually, as their attack range is inferior. Oki is discovered by an enemy sniper before targeting the two closest opponents, which both turn out to be Teruya units — Ui marks the map accordingly. In Turn 3, Mizukami's units begin pulling away, which Suwa deduces as a trap; he directs two of their units to pressure the sniper from earlier, while the others advance closer. Two more of Mizukami's units emerge.

Proceeding Turn 4, Suwa instructs to go after Kashio unit. Osamu recaps his team's main offensive strategy, which relies on Katori and Tachikawa's close-quarters combo. With Katori taking the lead, the others can activate her combo by focusing firepower, eventually smashing through the other side's defenses.

When Turn 4 starts, Oki is ambushed by another Kashio unit. Down below, both teams converge. As the Teruya units activate their ranged combo, Mizukami's Hound and back-up unit prove to be powerful support — Squad 7 succumbs to a ceaseless shootout. Over in Squad 9's capsule room, their captain confirms the simulation's advantage for solo players; Suwa's squad loses 8-1.

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