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The Away Mission Test: Part 15 ((えん)(せい)(せん)(ぱつ)()(けん)Ensei Senpatsu Shiken 15 , lit. Expedition Selection Exam 15?) is Chapter 217 of the World Trigger Manga.


After contemplating their loss, Squad 7 is plunged into their next four just-as-unfruitful simulated match-up's. During their break they devise a plan for improving communication, just as the second special assignment is sent to all teams.

Long Summary[]

After taking advantage of his previous opponents' recklessness, Mizukami aims to simply tie facing Ninomiya's three-sniper squadron.

Squad 7 reckons with its defeat, pointing out the ranged combo's overpowered ability to facilitate a head-on approach; combined with their tactics and read of the battlefield, Squad 9 coordinated excellent team plays. Ui suggests temporarily ignoring assignments to focus on the simulation. For their next match, Katori proposes copying Squad 9's strategy by exploiting the Izumi back-up unit's ranged combo after laying low. Osamu reminds her that they'll need to play offensively as the lowest ranked squad thus far, though Suwa accepts Katori's offer if she will control Izumi. Osamu has qualms about the sudden change in strategy, but reassures himself. In all four proceeding matches, Squad 7 receives defeat.

Round 2: Squad 10 brought the battle to the map's center, taking advantage of its high defenses, Hound user, and sniper to wear down their opponents' shields.
Round 3: Squad 1 took full advantage of Chameleon, coupled with its Grasshopper user's mobility and back-up unit's close-ranged combo.
Round 4: With the snipers taken care of, Squad 10 sends its two close-quarters combatants out on a combo-spree alongside defensive back-up.
Round 5: The snipers wipe out the map, and the same relative losses ensue.

Map of the terrain drawn on a whiteboard.

During their scheduled break, Katori expresses frustration at the string of losses. When prompted, Osamu, Oki, and Ui emphasize how the other squads weren't very coordinated either, except for Mizukami's. With this in mind, Katori wonders why they're doing particularly poorly. To improve communication among members, Osamu recommends usage of universal terminology and numbered enemy units — the former of which is later implemented through a labeled map. Katori doubts its effectiveness, but Ui feels hopeful.

Suwa notifies his squadmates of another special assignment questioning B-rank wars' three to four-way system, which is due a half hour before the battle simulations end. Katori is in disbelief; the others muse over their options.

Translation Errors and Discrepancies[]

  • In Viz's translation, when Madoka talks about the "Ranged Combo" skill she claims that Izumi was the backup unit for Squad 9; in actuality, it had been Tōma. In the Japanese release, Izumi was only an example.
  • Kodera's Squad 6 is mislabeled as Squad 10 (Murakami's Squad #) during the fourth battle.
  • While not an error, Viper (変化弾(バイパー) Baipā?) is directly translated as "Transforming Ammo" when Izumi's skills are listed.
    • Similarly, composite bullets ((ごう)成弾(せい)(だん) Gōseidan?) are translated as "Combined Ammo".

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Characters in italics are seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.

Triggers in Order of Appearance[]

All Triggers are described in regards to the battle simulation.


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