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The Away Mission Test: Part 5 ((えん)(せい)(せん)(ぱつ)()(けん)Ensei Senpatsu Shiken 5 , lit. Expedition Selection Exam 5?) is Chapter 207 of the World Trigger Manga.


The examinees are introduced to their respective teams as the sealed environment phase of the test begins.

Long Summary[]

Osamu arrives at the testing center, where the rest of his provisional team awaits him. All members but Katori are pleased to see him, the latter protesting his lack of punctuality. An engineer arrives and asks the team to change clothes. They are to keep Triggers and communication devices in lockers, but they may bring belongings that can fit within a certain container. Each team member receives personalized triggers created specifically for the test. After that, they enter the cabin, which they find to be in darkness. They quickly find a hand-activated panel which controls the power.

Sawamura's voice comes on a PA system. She explains that the panel controls trion-powered utilities; a gauge indicates trion left. Once the trion runs out, all utilities, including water, would be fully depleted until recharged with the members' trion. Next, she requests for all participants to switch into their trion bodies and remain in them throughout the exam at designated intervals. The main room has a trion-powered laptop for each member. Each person also has a battery-operated communication device, which can only be charged with adapters on the desk. Test rules and assignments can be found on the laptop. Lastly, Sawamura asks the team captains to explain the "core concept" of the squad each has chosen. With that, the test begins.

  • Squad 1: Utagawa explains that his squad would've been focused on mobility in long-term combat. He asks Yūma and Tomoe to be patient with Shiki due to the latter's awkwardness around boys.
  • Squad 2: Ōji wanted sword users, including those who can limit trion consumption. Tsuji is flustered around the two girls on the team. Ikoma is upset by the lack of attention on him.
  • Squad 3: Kageura complains about being on the same squad as Inukai. Kakizaki responds that he was aware of the incompatibilities between the two, but nevertheless wanted two former A-rank fighters on his team.
  • Squad 4: Kitazoe explains that because he did not get first pick during the lottery, he sought a team of 16-year-olds, as well as balance.
  • Squad 5: Kuruma wants Yuba's assistance in leadership. He also points out that his team has good stamina for a drawn-out battle.
  • Squad 6: Kodera preferred a mobility-oriented team. Though they have less stamina, they'll use less trion as they are attackers.
  • Squad 8: Ninomiya wanted a team of three snipers (especially powerhouses like Chika and Azuma) so that Kagami could handle them more easily.
  • Squad 9: Mizukami valued intelligent members. Though they may be less capable in battle, they would do well in the non-combat phases.
  • Squad 10: Murakami selected his members based on whom he thought was the best available. Should he come up short due to inexperience, he calls on the others to guide him.
  • Squad 11: Wakamura picked whom he thought was best at the time. He also admits he was not sure why he was made a captain, so he is simply aiming to get by.

Suwa explains that he chose his group from instinct. Though Katori is insulted by his reasoning, Suwa elaborates that the lottery was not random, but in fact rigged. The numbered straws responded to the drawer's trion and gave a specific number that was prepared by Sawamura in advance. He speculates that the teams were designed so that incompatible examinees were placed on the same team. Suwa suggests the team explore the cabin's facilities first.

In the monitoring room, Karasuma observes that Kakizaki, Kitaoe, Suwa, and Murakami Squads are exploring the accommodations first. On the other hand, Utagawa, Ōji, and Kodera Squads are examining the data. Wakamura Squad is reading through the files.

Wakamura asks Hosoi to read the rules for Hyuse since the latter is illiterate in Japanese. He can understand spoken Japanese only by interpreting the trion transmitted by communication, which can also happen non-verbally. Wakamura adds that Osamu had informed him of Hyuse being raised abroad.

Mizukami reads through the rules and deletes those related to the battle simulation phase before sharing them with the rest of his team. Maki condemns the move, though she notes that it will allow Mizukami more control over his team. Usami observes that the teams have yet to do much, though Jin asserts that their teamwork will be tested once one team takes the lead.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Characters in italics are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.

Triggers in Order of Appearance[]

None appear over the course of this Chapter.


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