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The Away Mission Test: Part 8 ((えん)(せい)(せん)(ぱつ)()(けん)Ensei Senpatsu Shiken 8 , lit. Expedition Selection Exam 8?) is Chapter 210 of the World Trigger Manga.

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Osamu finds a work-around to his trion emergency. Meanwhile, the executives discuss the special assignment submissions, emphasizing Somei's remarkably spot-on answer. At the end of day one, the current rankings for Phase 1 are released, with Suwa Squad in dead last.

Long Summary[]

Osamu's computer suddenly turns off, which Katori scolds him for. Osamu comments on how he wasn't very rough with it, noting it doesn't accept any input; Madoka reassures that if it was actually broken he would receive a replacement.

Suwa believes Osamu is out of trion. Osamu tests this by attempting to charge the ship but failing, confirming the theory. Suwa explains that Osamu has used the recharge panel twice, which zapped his trion. Katori berates Osamu about careless usage, but Osamu is reminded that she was the one who forced him to touch the panel.

Suwa tells Osamu, to keep it in mind for the rest of the test. he then says to eat well, and get some sleep, and his trion should be back in the morning, however either himself, Oki, or Katori has to charge the ship has they have trion to burn.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Characters in italics are seen only briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.

Triggers in Order of Appearance[]

None appear over the course of this Chapter.


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